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Remote Start Installation FAIL

So, my husband purchases a remote start for my vehicle as a Christmas present this year.  When he purchases, he also sets up the installation appointment.  My husband calls about a week ahead of time to discuss the install and the representative tells him that they DO NOT have a certified installer at their location (Elizabethtown, KY-same location as the item was purchased & install scheduled).  Because of this, my husband is either going to have to get a refund or take it to another Best Buy location.  Ok, things happen...frustrating but no big deal. husband calls a Best Buy in Louisville, KY to schedule the install.  PS: this is 1-1/2 hours away from our home.  He gets the install set up for about a month later on Feb. 2, 2019.  


On Feb. 2, 2019, my husband travels the 1-1/2 hours to the Louisville location...showing up an hour ahead of time.  The installer comes out, tells my husband that he is actually about 15 minutes away from being done with his current project and he is the next in line.  All is well.


Long story short, my husband ends up waiting until closing time because the installer could not remove the key from the vehicle of the customer he was working on when my husband arrived.  A lady comes out and explains to my husband that he will have to come back on Monday...can't get to him. Uh, first, we work and can't just take off whenever....2nd, he drove a long way & has waited for HOURS!!  She basically said sorry about your luck and gave him a refund!!!! 


While we understand that things happen, the lack of proper customer service in this matter was apparent.  She could care less about his situation and by simply giving him a refund she basically was saying she didn't care if he purchased a remote start from Best Buy or not and she certainly wasn't concerned about all the time he has spent trying to get a simple Christmas gift taken care of.  After TWO instances of Best Buy wasting our time, someone should have offered SOMETHING as compensation!!! Our time is just as valuable as theirs!!!!  I now have no remote start, my husband spent his entire day off driving and waiting....for NOTHING!!!!! What ever happened to taking care of the customer? 


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Re: Remote Start Installation FAIL

Good afternoon, LisaLee,


A remote start is a very generous gift, one that I enjoyed installing for our customer’s when I was a Geek Squad Autotech.  The comfort and convenience a remote start brings to your vehicle is truly something we hope every customer can experience.  Thank you for registering with the Best Buy forums to let me know about your installation appointment.  Let’s explore what options are available to assist you with the gift your husband was intending, and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help!


Using our Store Locator, the Best Buy’s are very spread out by you, and I want to apologize about the distance of this commute. please send me a private message containing your full name, phone number, email address.  Although I cannot speak on behalf of your husband’s purchase, it’s to my understanding this product was returned, and I’m looking forward to working with you to see how we can find a way to make a better shopping experience in the near future.


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