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I recently purchased a refrigerator for my new home at the Best Buy on 9581 Sage Meadow Trail in Ft. Worth, TX. My wife and I were looking for a counter depth fridge which we were able to locate with the help of one of the associates. I had scheduled delivery for 11/12/18. I received an automated call from Geek Squad on 11/8/18 letting me know my fridge would be delivered on 11/9/18. I elected to speak with an actual person as that was not the date I had requested delivery. The Geek Squad person I spoke with told me the fridge was already on the truck and would need to be delivered. I used a vacation day so I could be at home for this delivery which had a window from 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm CT. At 5:30 pm I had not heard anything from the driver letting me know his ETA, I contacted Geek Squad and was told there would not be a deliver on 11/9/18 and it would be delivered until 11/2/18.


I wasted a day of my vacation to be at home waiting on a refrigerator that did not show up. The fridge was delivered on 11/12/18. However, it was not a counter depth fridge. We spoke with the store and were able to locate another counter depth which cost $200.00 more. Because of the inconvenience the store credited us the $200.00 for the counter depth fridge. We arranged for the new fridge to be delivered today 11/29/18 between 8:00 am - 9:00 am. I took another vacation day so I could be here for the fridge to be delivered and the old one to be taken back. At 8:30 am I received a call from Geek Squad letting me know the delivery truck had broken down on the highway and they were running 2 hours behind schedule. I had taken the day off for this so I was OK with this as I did receive a call letting me know what was going on and I understand sometimes mechanical problems happen. At 12:00 pm I had not received a call from the driver with an ETA. I called Geek Squad to get an update there was a bit of a wait so I elected to have a call back. When the rep contacted, me I informed him what was going on and he said he would look into it. After spending 30 additional minutes on hold I hung up and called the store. I explained my situation to them and they said they would look into it and call me back. At about 1:00 pm I got a call back and they told me they did not know where the driver was at or if/when he would be able to deliver the fridge today. The driver called me at approximately 1:30 I received a call from the driver who apologized to me and that the reason he was not able to deliver my fridge during the windows I was given was because he had a court date he did not plan his schedule for. At the time I had left my home but he told me if I called him back at the number he called me from he would be able to get it out to me today. I called him back at the number her gave me he did not answer and he did not have his voicemail set up. 


As I sit here typing this email I have been lied to either by the Geek Squad rep who told me the delivery truck broke down or by the driver who may have had a court date today. I do not have the fridge I ordered nor do I know when it will be here and I have wasted another of my limited vacation days. I hope someone within your organization does something to make this right because "I am sorry" does not compensate me for a second wasted vacation day.




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Re: Refrigerator

Hello Fred-


Thank you for visiting us here at our Community Forum and letting us know about your recent experience with this order. Like you I don't have much spare time available in my schedule to wait for a delivery so I can completely understand how frustrating it would be to wait for two appointments and still not get receive your refrigerator. I would be glad to take a look in to this to see how we can best assist you. Can you please send us a private message with a bit more information? I'll need to confirm your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number

Order number


You can send a private message using the link at the bottom of my post. I look forward to hearing back from you so I can continue to look in to this.

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