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Refrigerator non-delivery

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I ordered and paid for a refrigerator from Best Buy Co., Inc. back on May 27. At that time I informed the associate that there was a low clearance bridge at the entrance to my community and so they would need to use a truck less than 12' 3" in height. I was told it would not be a problem and the delivery was scheduled for June 18. That day arrived and I got a call that they could not deliver because their truck would not fit under the bridge.


I called to reschedule, again stressing the low clearance bridge. New date of July 1 was set. Again, the truck sent was much taller than 12' 3". 


Rescheduled again stressing the low clearance bridge. New date set for July 27. That was the earliest because the refrigerator model was out of stock and would not be back in stock until then. How does that work? I paid for it - it should be sitting in the warehouse waiting to be delivered! No matter because I got a voice mail from Valerie at Best Buy on July 23 advising me that they did not have a smaller truck available on July 27 and so would like to reschedule for August 2. I was given a number to call that was supposedly her direct line {removed per forum guidelines}. When I called I got a recording that the number was no longer active and to call 1-888-Bestbuy. 


Called the 888 number and was told that there was not a smaller truck available on August 2 and was re-scheduled for August 5. That was yesterday. The truck that arrived was 12'6" and would not fit under the bridge. Unbelievable! I stood out in the rain while the driver called Best Buy so I could talk to the representative who claimed that the delivery was never set up correctly because some special form was never filled out. Yet the paperwork the driver had clearly noted the 12' 3" bridge height. The rep promised to call me this morning to get this resolved. It is now 2:10 pm and I have not received the promised call.


That is FIVE attempted deliveries and FIVE epic fails despite being told each and every time that the bridge is 12'3" tall. Each phone call takes an hour and more of my time while a team member supposedly checks with the people who can make this delivery happen. Notes have been added to the order, assurances have been made but nothing ever results in my getting a refrigerator. 


This is the very worst customer service I have ever encountered. If there is indeed a special form that needs to be filled out, why does no one know about it? Why are promised phone calls not returned. Why can't I get a direct number for the team member so I can call them back and have one person handling this debacle instead of having to talk to someone new every single time. I have asked for a direct phone number to the delivery people so that I can confirm they are bringing the correct vehicle before they even leave the warehouse. I'm told they don't have a direct line - this is ridiculous. I don't believe for a second that Best Buy has no way to communicate directly with the delivery service when something like this pops up. I realize most communication happens via email and over the internet, but phone calls do need to happen at times like this.


Somewhere along the line Best Buy Co., Inc has lost sight of the customer. Not only has this all been very stressful and a big waste of my time, but the delivery driver's time as well. The feeling I've gotten throughout these last months is that I don't count. Despite your claims to want to make the customer happy, I have seen no evidence of this. It seems the whole customer service system at Best Buy Co Inc is set up for the convenience of the Geek Squad team, not the customer. 



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Re: Refrigerator non-delivery

Welcome to our community, dhurt,


A new refrigerator would be a great investment in your home, and I can understand your concerns if a miscommunication has led to multiple missed deliveries. My own home has a very tight hallway turn, and any large deliveries need to be bright in through a side door with limited access. With that being said, I’d be happy to learn more about what happened, and to partner with you going forward to see if we can get the item to you as soon as possible. To get started, can you please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number? You can send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.

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