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Refrigerator delivery- first failure

I ordered a refrigerator 11/26 at which time I was informed Best Buy only offers two available delivery days per week at my location.

I scheduled for tomorrow 12/6- a time offered by Best Buy, not one I requested.

Best buy specifies a ridiculously large delviery window, from 7am-1pm.

I agreed to make myself available.

Sales rep said he would request early am delivery, and I would receive a call the night before to better specify the time.

It's the night before, and I've received no call.

I called customer support/scheduling- the automated answer says there's an 18 minute wait time.

42 minutes later I talk to a human.

This human tells me the warehouse hasnt yet received my refrigerator and it's likely it wont be delivered tomorrow.

I'm more than mildly annoyed of the prospect that 1) Best Buy couldnt handle the logistics of moving a refrigerator in the timeframe THEY offered, not one I requested 2) Best Buy didnt call with the update THEY indicated they would provide and 3) The delivery likely wouldnt happen and waste my time..

I'm rescheduled for next Thursday., 12/13.

I'm notdsf terribly unreasonable or difficult to get along with, but if it can't arrive before noon [a 5hr window], please just cancel the order and refund my account.

My current refrigerator is still working and I have time to make alternative arrangements with another retailer.

I simply dont have time to waste on issues as basic as moving a large box, and I've already spent an hour more than necessary.






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Re: Refrigerator delivery- first failure

Great response folks.
Delivery was rescheduled for tomorrow.
Again no call.
Call myself and find out its not happening.
Canceling the order, incompetence and apathy abounds here.