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Refrigerator Delivery Issues - Compensation Request


I purchased a new refrigerator on 2/4/23, which was delivered on 2/20/23. Upon delivery, the refrigerator did not work as the refrigerator and freezer were not cooling from the start. On 2/22/23, a Geek Squad member came to inspect the refrigerator and advised that it cannot be fixed and to submit a request for a replacement. On 2/22/23, I called customer service and requested a replacement, which they processed and scheduled a delivery for 2/24/23.

I took the day off from work on 2/24/23 to ensure someone will be home for the delivery, but the item was never delivered. First, I received a call from Best Buy customer service stating that the delivery drivers can't deliver the item because it's raining. I asked them to please just cover the item and deliver it as my house is very close to the street. A few minutes later I received another call from a Best Buy customer service representative Lisa stating that the truck is too big to fit on my street. This was odd and frustrating to me because I stated on my original order that my street is smaller than usual, so the delivery truck can either park on the main street or bring a smaller truck. Lisa stated they cannot deliver it and it will need to be rescheduled. I was frustrated and requested compensation of at least adding the 5 year Geek Squad protection plan for free on my order if they can deliver the next day on 2/25/23, which Lisa agreed to. A couple of hours later Lisa called me back stating the earliest they can deliver the refrigerator is on 2/27/23. I advised her I was upset because now I have to take another day off from work for the delivery. She assured me that in addition to the 5 year Geek Squad protection plan for free, she will discuss further financial compensation with me on 2/27/23 after the delivery has been completed, but in the meantime she will email the confirmation on 2/25/23 that the 5 year Geek Squad protection plan was added.

The new refrigerator was delivered on 2/27/23, and so far the item is working well. However, Lisa never sent me the email confirmation regarding the 5 year Geek Squad protection plan, nor did she call me on 2/27/23 to discuss further financial compensation for my 2 days missed at work and all the food I had to throw away because I did not have a working refrigerator for 1 week. I called customer service multiple times on 2/28/23, and I was treated horribly. Not only did Lisa not make any notes on my order regarding the compensation, but the only offer they were giving me was a maximum of $229 on a Best Buy gift card. I advised the representatives that this wasn't what was discussed, and in addition to the gift card, I need the 5 year Geek Squad protection plan added for free. Not only did they all refuse to listen to me, but they refused to transfer me to their supervisor. So much so, that I was hung up on 3 times in one day, most recently by a very rude representative by the name of James. I was promised to be transferred to a supervisor, or a supervisor will call me back in 1-2 hours, but not one supervisor spoke with me.

The lying, deceit, and outright carelessness of Best Buy has been a deplorable experience for me. My request is for the 5 year Geek Squad protection plan to be added for free, plus a $350 gift card to compensate me for this mess. I lost 2 days of work and threw away a lot of food because of this issue, and I'm not including the countless hours on the phone and on hold with customer service. The compensation request is more than fair considering how much food I threw out, in addition to my employment rate.

Please provide me with the remedy that was discussed and confirmed by the Best Buy representative Lisa. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Re: Refrigerator Delivery Issues - Compensation Request

Hi, ArmanAvetyan,


Welcome to the Forums. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us here. I know it is frustrating to have a delivery rescheduled and not be followed up with. I'm happy to look into this further for you. In order for me to do that, can you please Private Message me with your name, phone number, and email so I can pull up everything I need to research this.



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