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Re: Waiting for response from escalation department

This email comes a year later but it seems the problems with customer service at Best Buy continue. This is the first time that I have bought a major appliance from the store and I too am having issues with getting the escalation dept to call me back. I purchased my Samsung Washer and Dryer with pedestals on 11/20/2018. The buying was easy of course.  The washer and dryer were delivered the following week. However, the pedestals were damaged. So we returned them and scheduled for another delivery on 12/4/2018. The pedestals arrived and once again they were damaged. So I returned them again. The delivery guy was very nice and told me that I would get a call from the warehouse that day. I did not. So I called the Best Buy store in Burbank and spoke to a really nice lady from the Appliance dept. She put in an escalation order and said I would get a call back the next day. I did not. I called back the next day when I did not receive the call and spoke with a new Appliance person , also nice, who checked to see what had happened. It seems "communication" was off because he told me they had closed my case thinking that it had been handled. So he said he had to put in a SECOND escalation request but that he did not want to promise that I would receive a phone call immediately but assured me that a phone call would be coming. I assume he said that because he's aware that customer service has issues returning calls in a timely manner. So although I appreciated his honesty I am now frustrated because BEST BUY IS NOT CALLING ME BACK AND THEY CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT I WILL HAVE UNDAMAGED GOODS DELIVERED TO ME from the warehouse to my home. My dear mother who has arthritis in her knees is doing laundry right now without the pedestals and that is just not cool. I would also hope that Best Buy would offer some type of discount compensation for making me go through this headache.