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Re: The incompetency of completing 3+ month old appliance order

This has been my experience as well. I bought four kitchen appliances August 3rd. Only one of them delivered. I also bought the total tech membership so I could leverage the benefit for my installation and appliance haul-away. 

I have contacted Best Buy customer service multiple times, and spent hours of my time over the past month trying to get the remaining appliances scheduled for delivery. Each time the delivery is scheduled, either nobody shows up, or the day before I get an automated call from Best Buy saying I need to reschedule my delivery. When I call customer service, they say they can reschedule me, and then the cycle starts again, where my appt. gets canceled in the system. One customer service person escalated for me, and created an incident ticket. They said that the "second system" that is used has a glitch in it and keeps showing that my order was fulfilled of the one appliance I received- the microwave, even though I still have yet to receive my fridge, oven, or dishwasher. It is impossible to get a supervisor on the phone. I waited over an hour for an "appliance escalation support" department and then finally a customer service person answered but they were not appliance support. Now the glitch is so bad that I cannot even cancel the order and get my money back- customer service said it shows in "Truck checkout status"- I did ask for a ticket to be put in to change this status so my order can be canceled. Three different customer service reps said I should contact my local Best Buy store- one problem- you can't call a local store anymore. I'm not driving to a store that is fifteen miles away to be told that this was not a store order, but an online order so I need to call customer service.

Every customer service person I talked to was very kind. But this is the worst customer service experience of my entire life because Best Buy has made it impossible to correct these issues- you can't talk to a store, you can't get a supervisor, the automated ordering systems, logistics systems are obviously not working properly and obviously are not prioritized to be fixed. I guess my only option is to dispute the credit card charge and never buy from Best Buy again. Best Buy better be careful or they will end up being the next Circuit City. 



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Re: The incompetency of completing 3+ month old appliance order

Hey there, deedeec.


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. When I order appliances, I expect the experience to go smoothly and correctly, so I understand your frustration. I see that you sent us a private message, so I will respond to you there.



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