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Re: Sedgwick not responding to claim

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I have a claim in for damage to my countertop and cabinet.  I keep getting told that the installer is denying they did it and this has been going on since December.  If I knew it was going to be a he said she said I wouldn't have bothered as the damage isn't huge and I'm pretty sure the installer didn't even know they did it.  If after all my time trying to chase Sedgewick down and this is what it comes to, I am going to be one angry customer that will have to take this to {removed per forum guidelines} due to the principal of the whole thing.  

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Re: Sedgwick not responding to claim

Hey, deepplay,


We appreciate reaching out regarding your claim. We can understand your concerns with the outcome given. While we’re unable to change this, we can see if there is any additional information we can gather. We see that you’ve sent a Private Message as well. Keep an eye there for a follow up.



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