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Re: Sedgwick not responding or resolving claim

Has Sedgwick sent the check yet to pay for the damages caused by their delivery drivers? Katie R. indicated my concern was placed in a corporate file. How does filing away my concern in a "corporate file" help me? What does that exactly mean? Did you ask Sedgwick any questions? Why have they not helped me in resolving the claim? When they will send the check for repairs? Did you ask why this has taken over eight months to resolve? Did you ask any questions that could actually help me address and resolve this very concerning issue? What do we as consumers have to gain by reaching out for support, when zero support is provided? Why is Best Buy not concerned that a customer of theirs suffered a loss due to their delivery men? I would like this escalated and I would like a manager to get back to me, please. Thank you.

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Re: Sedgwick not responding or resolving claim

Good Morning, jsb129.


Thank you for reaching back out to us on the Best Buy Community Forums. I certainly understand how you are feeling after not receiving the updates on your Sedgwick case that you are seeking. In the case of these property damage claims, we file claims with Sedgwick on your behalf. Once we have, Sedgwick becomes your point of contact as they investigate the claims. They will reach out to you to receive documentation required to complete their investigation and provide you with case updates as it continues. If there is a lapse in contact, our team can request Sedgwick to contact you directly with that request. Please send us a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and case number, so that we can request this on your behalf.


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