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Re: Sedgewick and Bestbuy… When Will it End

Hi, I just read this message and my girlfriend is going through the same issue with sedgwick. She bought a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher and bestbuy set up the delivery. The delivery company tore some of her newly installed flooring and bestbuy sent us to file a claim with sedgwick, that was done through bestbuy I believe. She has a claim number and it is doing her no good, if we're lucky enough to even get a good phone number for sedgwick it is impossible to get any help at all. They always tell her "I'll look into it and get back to you in 24 hours", and when she asks for a number to contact that person she has gotten a number for princess cruises, even a Walmart payroll dept. or the number is not a valid number and it just hangs up. She has been going this since Sept 10th and is no further along than when she started this. We are disgusted that bestbuy would allow a insurance company like this to handle their customers complaints. We have already decided to boycott any further purchases from bestbuy because of this nonsense. Even the managers at the store she bought it from are not helping. She wants her floor replaced and no one is willing to give her the time of day. We are both so very frustrated and are to the point to take bestbuy to small claims court for the full cost of replacing the floor. The delivery company has no way of getting ahold them either, we've tried. We are sickened over this terrible and I mean terrible service from this so called insurance company, they are a scam and will not I repeat will not help anyone from what I've been seeing about that company, you need to switch to a reputable company who doesn't ignore "YOUR" customers. Please get ahold of me or give me some point of direction for this. Our Thanksgiving is going to be not so nice with pieces of new flooring missing and glued down to at least make it look decent. Please help or it's small claims court time.
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Re: Sedgewick and Bestbuy… When Will it End

My relief came from just using my home insurance. They will then go after Sedgwick for the money. 

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Re: Sedgewick and Bestbuy… When Will it End

Hello, DaleG


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. Though I am unable to see the details of Sedgwick claims directly, I would be happy to look into this and see what our options for assistance may be. I would ask that, the purchaser sends me a private message with the information below so that I may look up their account, and connect with Sedgwick about the next steps in their claim. I would continue working with them here via private message! They should be able to send me a private message by clicking the button to the right of my signature below. I look forward to their out reach.


Information requested in private message:

  • Name 
  • E-mail Address 
  • Phone Number
  • Claim number



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