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Re: Regional Manager Contact

I purchased a washing machine and dryer a month ago and have yet to have them delivered. On the day of purchase I scheduled delivery with a smaller delivery truck, but a week later they did not deliver because they came with a truck that was too big. A week later, the same thing happened! And then a week later they came again with a smaller truck, but refused to turn around at the end of our street and park. We’ve used the same size truck many times moving items to and from our home, so we know the routine. The driver was uncooperative, rude, and unapologetic and was hell bent on leaving rather than trying to make it work. I spent my entire Friday on the phone and in the store in San Rafael, CA on Fourth Street trying to work this out and get it the washing machine and dryer delivered. During one of my several calls, I was disconnected. Even though, they had my call back number, they never called back. So I had to go through their phone system again and re-tell the entire story to a new representative. They told me to call at 6:30, and maybe they could work something out for the next day, but then said dispatch already left and they couldn’t do anything. They told me to call the next morning, but then told me that all of their trucks have already gone out! Without consulting me, they rescheduled for the following week, sadly our roads will be closed for paving next week. By the time I get the washing machine and dryer, we’ll be out six weeks plus some. I will never purchase anything from Best Buy again. Every call that I made falls to a representative that doesn’t have authority or can’t do anything to help. Anyone I talk to presents a roadblock. To make it worse, Best Buy is totally bullying me and their employees hide behind Best Buys internal policies that are designed to protect Best Buy. For example if you tell Best Buy that you are unhappy and want a resolution, they put that in your file and then their employees refuse to speak to you in the store. We can’t cancel our purchase because we got the item on sale and now the sales are all over. They know that so they don’t work with us at all. How will they stand behind their products? Be warned when you shop at Best Buy. They will not help you and will only protect their own interest.

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Re: Regional Manager Contact

Hello, JenniferChitsaz,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Welcome to our online community.

I have to say that I am not a big fan of having to cart my dirty laundry around, or to do it by hand. It's understandable that you would like to get your new washer and dryer in place and working as soon as possible. I apologize for the difficulties that you've experienced with getting your delivery completed. I would recommend connecting with our Geek Squad Client Care team at (800) 304-1259. This is a dedicated line for delivery and installation issues, such as the ones that you have been describing. I hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction!




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