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Re: No Delivery as expected

I am dealing with this EXACT issue right now. I have never had such a terrible customer service experience in my life. My delivery was scheduled for Monday, when it never arrived, I called customer service and was told that the delivery truck had "broken down." No one called or emailed to let me know that my dryer wouldnt be delivered - a missed day of work. I was told someone would call to reschedule delivery, of course, that never happened. I called customer service the next morning (yesterday) and sat on hold for over an hour to be told that my item was in "transit" and they couldnt schedule a time for delivery OR cancel my order. I called again this morning, 2 hour wait time. I am beyond angry at this point. If my dryer does not arrive TODAY, I will just dispute the charge on my credit card. I will NEVER, EVER purchase anything from Best Buy again. I never post reviews, but you can put money on the fact that I will post a review about this on every social media and business forum available.