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Re: Multiple delivery delays, outside of stated delivery windows, bad customer service


Same problem for us.  We gave up our Labor Day on 09/07/20 to wait for delivery that never came.  They finallycalled at 8:00 PM for a delivery that was due by 6 PM to tell us that they could still come but that it might be after midnight.  Right.  

Called the next day to reschedule and the next appointment was 6 days later. Unbelieveable.

Why does Best Buy contract with delivery services that over promise and under perform?  They can't be that stupid.  It just makes Best Buy look incompetent, makes their customers upset and quite willing to look somewhere else for a product.  Who runs a business like this?  Is the owner or board or  managers  or whatever so aloof from what actually happens at that they just don't care?