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Re: July 2021 Order Continues to be Delayed!!!!!

You're not alone and I know that adds sum zero value.


My wife has been in the forum trying to get some meaningful intel all to no avail.


We purchased our Dual Fuel Professional Range48'' Pro Grand® Commercial Depth

PRD48WDSGU on July 4th. We still waiting it's arrival.


It is also clear Best Buy nor Thermadore values their customers beyond the posted Rhetoric.

Actions substantiate where value is placed. Not mere words.


I've spent more than 18 Years in Industry Delivering Global Supply Chain and more another 20+ Years Providing Proven IT and Business Advisory Services to Major Businesse Clients around the world and I have not seen such a poorly executed strategy as this in all of my years.


Transparency doesn't seem to resonate with them. Their processes and controls fail its customers. You can't keep thowing yourr hands to Sky and blaming COVID.


People are responsible and must be held accountable to solve issues through intelligent dialog and skill. Anything less than that this transcends into these types of unbridled experiences.


Good luck to you and your family. None of us signed up for this ride. Strap in looks like it's going to be a while. But hopefully this noise will end some day. Small by comparison to the greater challenges we face on the Global Stage. Perspective is key. Assurdly disappointed but optimistic and hopeful that some this will resonate.


I want to be part of the solution. I am happy to roll up sleeves and help just need to know who to contact and where they need help. This is far from rocket science.