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Re: Delivery

You are not alone. 11 03 2021 I ordered gas range with delivery and hookup. They rescheduled delivery 3 times. Online rescheduling didn't work, by phone- you know... Quagmire! Today supposed to be delivered (after third rescheduling), but I found amid hundreds of BB advertising emails posted 2 days ago new message, that delivery has to be rescheduled. Well- my adventure with Best Buy ended. Turkey will stay alive, as my old range after oven died on me has only top burners functioning. I've got first Thanksgiving ruined by ... I better stop at this...I wonder if this mega store which 3 weeks holds in it''s account my almost $1000 and money of thousands similar taken for a ride doesn't make money from this millions deposited by customers without necessity of investing in merchandise money was paid for? Therefore I say- BYE, BYE BEST BUY! KISS YOU! and would advise you to do the same...