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Re: Delivery and Installation Complaint

I'm having a similar issue...  I bought and open box dishwasher that the night before it was going to be delivered and installed was cancelled.  It took Best Buy a whole day to figure out why it was cancelled.  First they told me that I had canceled the order (not true), then it was that they ran out of the model (not true becasue I bought the floor model), then it was that it was "lost" and they didn't know where it went (might have been true, I have no clue) and finally it was settled that it was damaged in trasit.  I then was made to order another dishwasher that cost me more money. 


At the same time I also bout a range to match the rest of my stainless steel appliances, and the delievery for that kept on getting changed.  Finally we settle for a delivery and install day a month after I bout the items.  The dishwahser installer comes into my kitchen, takes a couple of measurments and tells me that the dishwasher i ordered wont fit and told me that I should just buy another brand and he left.  Didn't really try to find a solution or anything.  I called customer service and they were suprised that no attempt was made to install the dishwahser and that he hadn't reported anything about the problem to them.  


I put a stop on the delievery of the range becasue whats the point of trying to get appliances to match if I dont even know if I'm ever getting the items I hard bought.  The customer serives has been a joke!!!  I was told I'd get a call back today to figure a solution.  I've always been a pretty devoted customer, but I think that has come to an end today.




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Re: Delivery and Installation Complaint

Good afternoon, Cabral,


Investing in new appliances is a big decision and we want our customers to have a smooth and worry-free experience from beginning to end. From what you describe, it sounds like your orders have gone awry for quite; I can only imagine what you’re feeling.


It sounds like you have two separate orders, one for a range which you have decided not to go forward with and one for a dishwasher where it was recently attempted. Regarding the dishwasher install, am I correct in understanding that you’re saying the tech’s measurements indicated the space was too small for the dishwasher they had for you on their truck? If I’m understanding correctly and the selected unit couldn’t fit into the place available for your dishwasher, it’s my understanding that the tech should not typically attempt an installation. Installing a unit that is too large for the intended space could potentially result in damage to your home. In such a situation, while not ideal, it could be necessary to reselect a smaller unit that would better fit within the space available.


At this point, if your dishwasher delivery and installation was scheduled today, it would not be possible to modify the order until the dishwasher is returned to a warehouse and checked back in. In my experience, this usually happens by the next business day. To best move forward in this situation, I would recommend connecting with our Geek Squad phone team at (800) 433-5778 to discuss what may be possible. I hope this helps, but please do feel free to let us know how everything goes.


Kind regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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