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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

Hi am leaving this for anyone from Best Buy who actually isn't reading a script, or giving me some crazy answer, or not providing a solution, or maybe even an active plan that best buy has to address some of the issues for customers


I want to make sure I am clear I am no way complaining about supply chain issues, I understand that it's unavoidable.  However I do have an issue with Best Buy selling an oven on their website with an expected delivery date as the next month, take the full amount of the purchase, and then almost a year later now, I am still waiting for my oven, and Best Buy still has my money.


I also want to say I see recieve phones calls at least three times a week sometime more, of a recording telling me I need to reschedule my appointment.  I then call best buy, which is really honestly pointless because the call center or whomever I talk to have no idea about anything.  They tell me each time, yeah it's delayed but they have it showing for next month on the 10th.  I then ask them "ok so it's coming the 10th now?  Because I have been told this every week and then givin a different date", response is always "oh I would be my repetution on it, that it will be delivered that day". And I kid you not 1 hour later I got a call from best buy to now reschedule my appointment. 


I never do this but my wife and I actually sent an email to best buy looking for assistance and basically complaining to upper management, hoping maybe it would trigger something, and as expected we got no response.  I have honestly never been so disappointed in a companies service, and I honestly rarely never complain, usually if I don't like something I just never shop there again.  But in this case, it's been almost a year of living without an oven, I have family that not having a oven burdens, and I would hate to cancel something if at some point it might actually be delivered or at the very least some sort of response from best buy that makes me feel hopeful about the sitiuation.  Bottom line for me is don't take money from people if you can't deliver the product on the date it's expected.  I get taking some money as a reservation, but during these times with inflation I can't go shop for another oven that is over 4k and wait for best buy to return the money they have taken from me, which I have nothing for.   That and at what point do you give up?  I hate the thought I cancel my order and basically having to start over.   I don't understand selling something on your website as available with a date and then not being able to keep that promise, or honestly even be somewhat close to that date. 


I am honestly at the point now, where I will never shop at Best Buy again, I hope they work out the issues, I hope I get my oven, but even now if I do get my oven, I will be grateful, but probably still not shop at best buy again after this truly disappointing mess. 

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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders

Hi there, nz1jvb, 


Thank you for reaching out to us here on our Forums Page, although I wish it were under better circumstances. I'd love to get a closer look at this with you to see what we can learn. To do so, can you please send us a Private Message verifying your full name, email, phone number, and order number. 


Thank you for your continued patience here.

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Re: Delayed Appliance Orders = Fraud

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