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Re: Best Buy Does Not Deliver: Double No-Call, No-Show

Refridgerator-less here as well for four weeks.  We just had the third 'no-call no-show' event and this time it was apparently on the truck for delivery.  The chat said the product was damaged (again and a lie) an afternoon call to Geek squad gave a story that they called the driver and we were next, this was at 3pm.  6pm called again and the agent said the phone number for the driver was wrong, no reason was noted why the morning delivery still had not arrived by 6pm and that we need to reschedule a FOURTH time.  We get different stories, no one calls, and we are now out three days of self-employed income.  An escalation case was finally opened but I am not holding my breath.  We literally cannot afford to miss yet another day of work, again self-employeed!  This isn't a order delay issue, I am willing to wait but don't schedule a delivery holding a customer hostage in their home for days over weeks.

Save yourself grief (and precious vacation days or income) buy appliances from Home Depot or a local appliance distributor.