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Re: Appliance delay due to Best Buy Error

B Wilson,


It sounds like you received most of your appliances.  Hate to say it, but you are only playing in the minor leagues regarding delays with Thermador and Best Buy.  Like you, I purchased a suite of Thermador products with MSRP north of $25,000--two dishwashers, downdraft, induction cooktop, exterior blower fan, double wall oven and refrigerator.  My purchase was on mid-September.  After many cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled and rescheduled delivery/installation dates, guess what I have received as of four months later?  One downdraft and one dishwasher.  I too was told that all but two of the items were in the warehouse so i asked that they be delivered in mid-October.


The sales staff was great but Best Buy supply chain just does not exist and the computer scheduling system is a mess.  I have since found out from another Best Buy/Pacific salesperson that you really don't want to buy Thermador from Best Buy as the builders are first in line with Thermador via some of the other distributors.  I love Best Buy and have bought many computers, TVs and smaller appliances.  Great service and great delivery.  Unfortunately, Best Buy is not the place to get high-end appliances.  If you want a Mr. Coffee, go to Best Buy.  If you want a Thermador (or possibly other high-end appliances), you should consider other retailers especially since you point out that the purchase prices are essentially identical.


Unforunately, because of the Thermador rebate system (1-2-3 program) you can't switch sellers after you have received one or two of the items--you are locked in.  Fortunatley, the one dishwasher was not part of that program.  Guess what, I ordered it and it was shipped within two days.  As soon as it was installed, i cancelled the Best Buy order for the precise dishwasher even as i was being told that it was still weeks out.


Sorry B Wilson, but you are in the minor leagues when it comes to delayed delivery/installation.  Oh yeah, I forgot that I did receive part of my refrigerator--three refrigerator handles.  Guess what, they look beautiful, but they do not seem to keep any of our food cold.  My $100,000 plus remodel was supposed to be completed by November 11th.  Guess what has continued to delay the remodel?  Yep, the lack of appliances.  I am now being told that the refrigerator won't be deliered until mid-February and likely the same with the wall oven.  The over-under in the family is that we won't get the appliances until after the 6 month mark.


This is only the tip of the iceberg regarding this order, the broken supply chain, the computer systems errors and the lack of any Best Buy management ownership of the errors.  The impact it is having on the family is very negative.  Try going through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and birthdays without a kitchen.  




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