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Radio installed in my truck

I’m very upset with the inconvenience I’m having trying to get my stereo in my truck installed correctly. I just drop my truck off for the third time at one of your stores in Lawrence Kansas. Sadly the issue is still not going to be resolved today I will have to take it back again. For a fourth time to try and get my stereo that I spent $1000 on to be installed correctly. I also bought new speakers for my truck the same day I had my stereo installed. I buy from your store all the time and I just feel like as a repeat customer that Nobody is trying to make me happy with the purchase I made on the expensive stereo installation that I purchased. I’ve been trying to reach corporate or someone Highup in the totem pole so that they can understand my frustration. The employees at the store that I deal with are very nice and are doing a good job but I just don’t think they are trying hard enough to make me happy or satisfied with the purchase that I have made. i’m a poor man that spent a lot of money on a nice stereo. When I took my vehicle to your store it worked and operated correctly. I tried to improve it with a new stereo at your store and now my truck is not operating correctly. I would just like this to be fixed and for someone to try and compensate me for the inconvenience. thank you so much for your time
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Re: Radio installed in my truck

Hey there, Carinstall.


Thanks for reaching out to us on Facebook, although I wish it were on better terms. I would love to go ahead and assist with this and see what may be possible here. In order to do so, can you please send us a message with your full name, email address, phone number and order number?


I look forward to your response.


Vanessa T|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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