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Purchase and Installation Problems and Extra Charges.

I am reluctant to make a phone call about this as the last time I called I was on the phone for an hour and a half with mostly incompetent people who ended not honoring what was promised and costing me more money without my knowledge. Since they tell you at the onset that the call may be recorded, I assume that the original offer to solve my problem with no additional expense is documented somewhere even though other representatives apparently could not tell who originally answered my call and offered the help. There has to be a call log of who handled my calls. Additionally, installation was botched. Here is the story:


We ordered a washer and dryer pair as a package online on September 4th for a total cost of $1,777.90 to be delivered and installed on October 20th. This was the soonest delivery, six weeks after the order. On October 19th, the day before delivery, we were called by Best Buy and a message was left stating that the dryer was not available and we needed to reschedule the delivery. I went online to reschedule delivery and the soonest delivery was in December. I called Best Buy and was initially told we could select a different model that was available and if it cost more that Best Buy WOULD COVER THE DIFFERENCE in cost. I was transferred to sales to find a unit that would be a good match for the washer we ordered which we did. The sales person had no idea who had transferred me to him and transferred me to someone who did not want to honor the offer that the original representative offered. I suggested that we might cancel our order if our original price couldn’t be honored and after numerous times of being put on hold to get authorization and to figure out how to update the order, an hour and half process, they updated the order by deleting parts and adding new parts. I had to pay again for part of the order while they were on the phone without knowing how much was deducted for the changes. I’ve looked at both orders online since and it totals $1,933.39 or $155.49 more and the $100 gift card which was included in the original package has been deleted for a difference now of $255.49.


We received delivery of both the washer and dryer Friday which started with a phone call. The caller only spoke Spanish with the exception of the word “street” to which I responded with our street name and number. They arrived and I showed the non-english speaking installers the location. They installed the washer and dryer using my existing dryer vent and gas line leaving only the old water lines behind to dispose of. I paid for a new dryer vent ($29.35) and a gas line  ($34.79) although admittedly I probably didn’t need them, they were not left with me. They are added and invoiced separately when you order the installation. The installer turned on the washer and it didn’t fill with water. I pointed to the shut off valves and he did nothing. I turned them on and it filled with water. After they left my wife started to use the machines and said she couldn’t get it to wash in cold water. I looked behind the washer and found that the installer had reversed the hot and cold water pipes. They also didn’t install the covers over the holes for the shipping bolts per the instructions and apparently discarded the shipping bolts so we don’t have them for any future shipment. 


Total overages are $319.63 from the initial order including the parts paid for and not provided, and the cancelled gift card.


If someone would like to private message me I'd be willing to talk to someone once they have read through my issues. I do not want to call in only to deal with people who need to put me on hold (for what they say is 3 minutes max) to gain authorization to resolve my problem (my head my explode this time if I'm on the phone for anouther hour and a half). I'm tempted to return everything.

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Re: Purchase and Installation Problems and Extra Charges.

Hello, ericnpedersen,


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to join and write us regarding your experience with your purchase. Getting new appliances for your home is very exciting and it’s supposed to be a smooth process. This is not the experience I’d expect for you. I’d be happy to see how I can assist you further.
I am happy to look into this for you, but I am going to need some more details from you. By clicking on the blue “Private Message” button, will you please send me a private message with your Customer Service PIN off your receipt or order numbers, full name, phone number, and the e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you.



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