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Property damaged during delivery and install

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My recently refinished floors were damaged during a kitchen appliance delivery and haul away. The scratches to my floors were so deep the custom finish will need to be sanded back down to natural and redone. I contacted Best Buy on 12/10/21 to notify them of the issue at which time a claim was opened and submitted to Sedgwick.

Since then this process has been a nightmare. Jessica {removed per forum guidelines} was assigned as my claim adjuster. For the entire month of December she sent emails to the wrong address even though she was notified multiple times it was incorrect. I didn’t actually receive my first email back from her regarding my claim until 12/29 at which time I provided all necessary documents. After that radio silence, I didn’t hear back from Ms {removed per forum guidelines} until 1/27 at which time she advised the installer was yet to respond to her requests and had until 1/31 to respond.

Fast forward, Jessica did not contact me nor respond to more than 25 email inquiries and multiple calls weekly between 1/27 through 3/24, almost two full months with zero communication. At that time she called me to say all of my email inquiries were being sent to her spam folder, the likelihood that was true was very low since all of my emails prior to were acknowledged in some form. During this call she advised the claim was denied because photos were NOT provided. This was clearly a mishandling on her end since I have a previous email of her from January acknowledging receipt of the photos and quote from the floor company. She informed me she would be putting in an overturn request based on this fact and advised it would take 48 hours for approval - she asked that I give her until 3/31 to resolve the matter.

As expected, she didn’t respond to me by 3/31 and on 4/1 advised she was following up with her team lead. Today is 4/22 and my claim remains unsolved, Jessica will not provide any details other than two Friday end of day emails to thank me for my patience, and even more concerning it appears they are now resorting to dishonesty and delay tactics. I was informed yesterday that Jessica put in my file that her attempts to call me are unsuccessful and my voicemail mailbox is full. I had my call me and deliberately missed so she could successfully leave me a message. I notified Jessica that I routinely check and clean out my mailbox so that my children’s school can leave me messages in case of emergency. Additionally, the phone operators routinely provide a different name between Andrew, Nykea, and Cynthia as her bosses making it difficult to escalate the matter.

I no longer feel like I can confidently buy appliances or trust Bestbuy’s delivery services. I still need a new washer and dryer, and in-home theater and have started looking into PC Richards Lowes and Home Depot. It’s so disappointing, the people at Bestbuy say they can’t help me and I don’t know what else to do except not buy appliances from Bestbuy.

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Re: Property damaged during delivery and install

Hello, mike33182.


Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns and your frustration with getting some answers to your ongoing frustrations.  Completing house such as new flooring and appliances should be as exciting as when you first purchased your home.  This isn't something we take lightly and I'd like to see what we can do on our end to alleviate some of your disappointment.  

Can you please send me a private message to include the following:

Full name
Email address
telephone number

I look forward to hearing from you.

Derald|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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