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Property damage

I order the TV mount installation services. Two guys accidentally drilled a hole on the water pipe. The wood floor is soaked in water, and the piano, furniture. The guy reported to Best Buy, and got the claim number. But nobody contacted me. I want to how you deal with this situation. The big problem is there is no water supply in my house! I can't do laundry, cooking. And I can't use the bathroom!!!  I need help!

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Re: Property damage

According to a previous post, Sedgwick can be reached at for any updates or info on your claim.


Best Buy themselves can't really accelerate the process.

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Re: Property damage

Some things to consider

Call a plumber and then try to get reimbursed.

Contact your home owners insurance

Was the installer driving a best buy vehicle? If it was a third party Sedgwick just works as a middle man, might be faster to contact the installer.
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Re: Property damage

Hello, yang0330, and welcome to our online community!

Thanks for posting on our forum for support with your property damage claim. I hate to hear this has happened, and I'd like to do all I can to help with this process.


I notice you messaged one of our specialists directly as well. I will be following up on their behalf there, so please keep an eye on your inbox for my reply!



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