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Property Damage from Delivery

For the last several months, I have been trying to get Sedgwick to return my emails about the damange done to my BRAND NEW home and refridgerator when delievering our new Fridge. 


Let's just say this has been a nightmare from the beginning. We scheduled to have a Washer, Dryer, and Fridge delivered the first week of September after we closed on our just built home before we moved in. The first issue happend when I was called to be told our Fridge would be delievered seperately in the afternoon when I already took the morning off of work for everything to be delievered at the same time. I was told our Fridge ended up on the wrong truck and the current route would be 1 hr out of their way so they wanted to reschedule to end of day. They gave me a new delievery window of 3-5pm, which was fine, I can work with that. But then they ended up coming closer to 6 pm and the delivery people were NOT HAPPY. They were tired as this was their last delivery of the day and I was told they had to still travel 1 hr out of the way and that they should've been home over an hour ago. I felt terrible. Our new home is a town home so to get the Fridge to the kitchen, they have to go up half a flight of stairs. They were so tired that they were really struggling to get the fridge up the stairs. Once installed, I got them some water, he took some pictures, and they were on their way. 


Once they left, I noticed that there were damages to my dry wall, wood floor on the stairs, and the banister. There was also cosmetic damage done to the Fridge on the bottom right of the freezer door and hinge. As soon as I noticed, I took pictures and called Best Buy customer service which led to opening a claim with Sedgwick. They have no phone number, but I keep emaling over and over for them to assign an adjuster. I just keep getting a generic reply that someone will be aissigned and then nothing! It's been almost 12 weeks and nothing! I would like these things fixed and reimbursed for the damanged Fridge!

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Re: Property Damage from Delivery

Hello, dieterienj.

Congratulations on your new home!  Nothing is better than getting a delivery of appliances to equip your home fully.  Yet, we can only imagine how frustrating it was to discover areas of your new home with damage.  This is certainly not the type of experience we wanted you to have.  Please share with us your full name, phone, and email to aid us in verifying your and documenting the details of your experience here at our corporate offices.  Please send that information, along with your Sedgwick claim number, securely by selecting the blue ‘Private Message’ button near my signature.

We look forward to investigating on this further for you and reaching out to our Support Team to provide an update regarding your claim.

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Re: Property Damage from Delivery