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Property Damage Claim

On June 8, 2022, my new clothes washer was delivered and "installed". The washing machine is on the second floor of my home. The installers never unpacked the drainage hose from the back of the washer and thus never connected the drainage hose to my sewer drain (the hose is apparently secured to the back of the machine for shipping). The installers told me they began running a test cycle and all operations were normal. They said the cycle would continue to run and once completed, we could us the machine as normal. The installers left my home and apparently lied about the test cycle going through all of the washer's stages because the washer certainly did not run through the drain stage prior to the installers leaving my home. About 10 minutes after the installers left, I entered my living room (directly below my laundry room) and found an active waterfall coming from my recessed lights. Using my shopvac I removed approximately 40 gallons of water from the laundry room, adjacent hallway, and living room, and in addition used ~15 bath towels just to get the visible water off the floor. This resulted in drywall damage, damage to my carpets, and days of mold prevention remediation.

I immediately filed a property damage claim with Best Buy. Apparently, Best Buy uses a third party to administrate such claims (Sedgwick). Sedgwick assigned a claim number and said I would receive further information after 5 business days. There was no further communication, I followed up with Sedgwick multiple times and they told me I needed to contact CTSI as they were handling my claim (I can only assume CTSI is the company that performed the installation, but they could not confirm and I have no records that include CTSI). I have asked multiple times for contact information for CTSI, Sedgwick says they have no information to share with me. Sedgwick tells me that if this CTSI company does not deal with the claim, then eventually the claim will be transferred back to Sedgwick for further investigation.

All that to say, thus far this process has been problematic and it is disappointing that we are getting the run around on this issue. This should be simple Best Buy: you hired the installers (either directly or indirectly... does not matter to me), the installers made a big mistake which caused significant damage to my home, thus the problem need to be rectified in a reasonable amount of time. We are at day 19 and all I have is a claim number, this is very poor customer service, we will have serious consideration before ever shopping at Best Buy again.

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Re: Property Damage Claim

Hey there, dissapointed123,


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. Going through the claims process should be quick and efficient, so I understand your frustration. Could you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and claim number, so I can look into this for you? To send me a private message, look below at my signature, and to the right there is a blue button that says, "Private Message." Click that button and it will start a private message.

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Re: Property Damage Claim

This topic has been moved to its own thread under the board Delivery & Installation for further review.

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Re: Property Damage Claim

This topic has been moved to its own thread under the board Delivery & Installation for further review.