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Post purchase delivery

I write this more out out of frustration than in hopes of getting help with having my appliances delivered.  I thought you would like to know about how your subcontracted delivery service treats your customers.  My delivery has been cancelled 3 times now, always during the window for delivery.  The delivery company Installs Inc has been especially unhelpful.  I spent 2 hours on the phone yesterday morning afterf the third cancelled appointment.  I was hung up on twice, put on hold for >10 minutes at least two times, and transferred from dept to dept at least four times.  It took those two hours to get to speak to someone in management at Installs Inc who did call me back as promised.  He wasn't able to get my appliances delivered, yet I still received a robocall later telling me my appliances would be delivered today.  Althought I am now a 'priority' customer, the next available appointment is Wednesday according to the delivery scheduling web page.  I don't understand that at all; I am sure other consumers are getting their appliances delivered and installed during the intervening time.

I have begun to feel like my $5000 purchase is being held for ransom so I wanted Best Buy to know.  I also want your company to know how very difficult it is to get answers and resolution to problems.  Your front line people don't know the answers (and I talked to many yesterday during my 2 hour telephone adventure) but you don't get to talk to a manager despite numerous requests.  I am tempted to cancel but at this point it would be like changing lines at the grocery store-you don't get ahead and usually end up waiting longer than if you had stayed put.  I ordered at Best Buy after experiencing really awful customer service at a major department store chain. 

I am saddened at how very depersonalized the service industry has become.  I am spending thousands of dollars with your company but your subcontractor has influenced any future purchases I would have made.  I purchased Samsung appliances which I can get at many other places.  For the sake of saving a few dollars I gave up good service which I now regret.

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention the challenge to delivering to my house.  I have a very steep driveway and anything larger than a pickup truck can't make it up the driveway.  The second time my delivery was cancelled the driver actually came to the house but he was very rude, told me he was going to his truck to make a phone call and never returned.  I only knew he was gone when the delivery service called to reschedule.  Having said that, I have had many heavy items delivered over the years, all of which had to put on a hand truck, put on a dolly or carried up the driveway, including every items of furniture in this 3000 square foot house so I know it isn't impossible, just difficult.

I appreciate having this venue to vent but I don't expect it to help get my appliances delivered any sooner.  I am also feeling like a hostage because you have to block out a minimum of four hours to be home to accept what turns out to be a cancelled appointment.  The avenues for complaining and/or getting help are obscure and hard to find.  Telephone 'trees' are difficult to interpret and getting to a real person to talk to challenging.  And even then many of the front line people don't know the answers or can't help because the delivery service is a subcontractor.

I am very disappointed in my experience with your company and would find it very difficult to do business with you again.

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Re: Post purchase delivery

Hello mmoorefield,


Welcome to the Best Buy forum and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us with your feedback regarding your situation.  Having multiple delivery attempts that cannot be completed for various reasons would be extremely frustrating, and I can imagine how it would be difficult to stick with us through all these difficulties.  I would be happy to do what I can to assist. 


In terms of your frustrations regarding the service industry in general, I am deeply disheartened that you have had to go through this trying situation.  I appreciate your insights into the process and will be sure to record your concerns so they will be available in reference to changes or coaching opportunities in the future.


That being said, so I can look into this further, can you please send me some additional information?  Please send your order number and phone number in a private message by selecting the blue “private message” button in my signature. I look forward to speaking with you further. 


Kind Regards,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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