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Poor installation and customer service

If I were to write a book on poor customer service, every part of my recent experience with Best Buy would make the cut. I went to purchase a dishwasher from the Best Buy in Canton GA on October 26th. The associate I dealt with was very polite but the dishwasher I wanted was not available until after Christmas.  The only ones available any time soon were the more expensive ones.  So I went ahead and got one of those because I needed a dishwasher.  I set up delivery and installation which all seemed to go well.  The installer left it running on a test cycle when he left so there was little I could do to inspect.  It turns out that the baseboard face-plate was install in such a way that it gets caught on the door every time it opens and closes.  I called right away to see if the installer could come back and fix this only to be told the next appointment was not available for over a week.  I continued to press the issue stating that if they could just contact the installer he could come back and fix it that day and it would not likely take long.  But there is no one who can contact the installer and all they can do is put me on the schedule as though I was a new customer, not one who had an improper installation.  I tried to reach out to the actual installer but both numbers for them just went to full voicemail boxes (great job picking vendors Best Buy.  That's not shady at all.)  So I had no choice but to schedule an appointment which ended up being 10 days out from the install date because that was the first time they had where I could be home.  The appointment was for between 7am and 1 pm (which is a pretty long window as it is).  So I get up earlier than I would normally on a day off and waste my whole morning waiting for someone to come.  At 12:20 I decided to call, as usually an installer or repair person will call and give a heads up they are on their way and I had received no such call.  It turns out the installer was not coming.  One person I spoke to said they had an emergency and another said they were told it was an installation and they refused to come because they had already done the installation.  Either way no one called to inform me.  So I wasted half my day for nothing.  On top of that, I could not reschedule because the "system" said I had an appointment for that day already and had not updated yet.  I went to the store to see if they could help me and was told the managers were too busy and gave me another number to call for "appliance resolution".  When I called that number it just took me back to the original department I called.  When I asked for "appliance resolution" the agent was rude and told me "stop saying that" (all of the other agents were polite, if not helpful).  When I finally got someone I was told the same thing.  That no appointments were available for me because the system was not updated.  So I still have a dishwasher installed incorrectly and no way to make an appointment to fix it.  It is almost 3 weeks from purchase and 10 days from original install.  Best Buy, you kind of suck at this.  Please advise.