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Poor delivery and installation, question about redelivery

Hi, we have a delivery and installation scheduled for tomorrow. It's to fix a previous delivery. We scheduled it through chat and the lady said it would not be the same delivery company or employees but her answer didnt really seem confident at all. I just want to make sure we wont have the same experience again and want to relay our first experience as well since that didnt really seem to be her department.


My mom is 73 with parkinsons disease. Unfortuantely I've seen many take advantage of this. So after reading all the bad reviews for Costcos free parts, delivery, installation and haul away, we decided to be safe and pay the $300+ more to get geek squad service, which has been nothing but great to us in the past. We also paid for the totaltech membership.However, we soon learned that it was a thrid party likely no different than Costco's but for $500 more overall. Add to ths, my mom tipped the guys $40.




delivery was 3 hours after the time slot




In our experience for pretty much every company, they bring the box to your door first and have you inspect it. Then take it out in front of you. We cleared a large space in our living room for this reason. Cleared a way to the laundry and had slip pads which they didnt use. 


But by the time they ringed the door bell they already had them unboxed and were literally dragging them across the aslphalt



The guy was immediately rude and short with my mom. I dont know what his situation is I understand everyone is fighint a battle, but I dont know why the customer has to pay for it. $200 for 20 minutes isn't a bad gig even if a percentage. 




He didnt even know which way to install it, we had to google and tell him that the washer was on the left side. Ill explain later why he even questioned this.




Once the old washer and dryer was removed he yelled about cleaning the dust and linen that was left under the machines. I totally got the vibe that he was hoping we could not do it in time so he had a reason to leave without installing. So i had to rush to do so, while they used and installed the old parts outside where we could not see.


He also kept looking for different reasons no to install, like him needing a 4 ac outlet, he was about to leave until I stole one from the media center/ This is literally after you guys made us check out with $100+ in new parts.




My mom was able to watch them outside with the parts, and saw that they were using the old parts. While they were installing, I rushed outside and saw the purple boxes, some of them opened with the brand new hose just sitting there and some of the brand new sealed still.


They asked for us to sign the documentation, There was a list of 20+ different parts and things, I asked did you install all of this he said yes. I asked twice, he said yes, i was not in the mood for a fight though. He immediately left without giving us any instructions, we had to catch him in his truck to ask for the manual, he gave us one manual.




By the time we got to even see the washer and dryer they were gone. Not surprisingly, because he freaking installed the washer on the wrong side.Theyre designed to be in this order so thats it easier to move the laundry between the two. Now we are litterally opening the lids into each other.


I'm assuming he did this because thats how our old top washer was hooked up and the old hose didn't go that far, that was one of the parts I saw sitting in his truck.




After more investigating we saw more old parts being used, he didnt even replace the hole plate on our wall. More importantly, the washer and dryer did not look new, there were brown smudge marks on the front. Scratches all over, especially on lcd the face plate. Dents on the side. They literally put some sales tag upc sticker over one of the dents trying to cover it up.


We looked at the manual and online, and they included 0 of the extra parts and accessories; no skid plates were even installed, spare dispensers, hoses, warranty card. Theres a whole list of parts; we got 0. Most importantly there was no remote control to make the bottom washer even work.


He didnt even level the washer, we had to do so ourselves.




Even though he was very rude, and without knowing all of this, my mom tipped them $40 as she always does. The younger guy was polite though I literally saw him dragging the pedestal on the asphalt. 


I googled it and learned that they are not even allowed to take tips. 





We don't want this experience again, we don't want these guys delivering, they're not delivering new items and they're holding on to all the parts

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Re: Poor delivery and installation, question about redelivery

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! 


Hi cduke. Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums and letting us know about your experience with this installation. I completely understand your concerns about the quality of service you received, and it's always our goal to provide the best quality service possible. So, it's unfortunate that the service was not completed as expected.  


Our appliance installations are generally completed by an authorized independent contractor in your area. Many of our other services such as home theater service, computer services, auto services etc. are completed by our certified Geek Squad agents, technicians and installers. 


I can take a look into this for you to see what installers have been assigned for your appointment. I can also take a look at the parts you said were not used, I would just need to see the order. 


Please, send me a private message by clicking on the blue button next to my signature, with your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you. 






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Re: Poor delivery and installation, question about redelivery

This has hit even new levels. They just showed up without the washer, again, I think this appt 14 now. And I figured they'd just leave and let me preface it by saying we don't want to fight, this isn't related to a personality or mental issue, and we aren't finding this fun in any way. I understand many are obsessed with "karen" videos right now and I'm guessing this is possibly why we have been receiving the response we have from you guys. We have spent hours moving things, waiting, and writing these long messages, which are 100% necessary whether or not the length bothers you or not everything has been documented on our end. Dude, we've even proven multiple times how pliable we are by accepting unboxed washers just to learn they were uninstallable whch was the reason why they were sent back. We want this done, Last night I was up again, stressed out having to change my entire day and each time the only silver lining is actually thinking this is the last time and it will be done. But nothing is getting through to you guys. Actually, I've only written to you guys once every three visits, I totally imagine that everything will be fine on the next visit. 



They got here an hour early, and usually, they've shown up at the end or beyond the time period they give us. But the past few times they arrive with no phone call or anything, an hour early, and then once they've left, during the period they're actually supposed to be here, we get an automated text and email saying they're on their way. So they're doing something sketchy and the way the guy responded today and his tone when I said they were very early,I think they're trying to catch us off guard. After appointment 6 we began placing cameras so everything was recorded. This is something I hate doing, and feel very very awkward about but it was totally necessary. Regardless our normal camera picked up all the voices.


Anyways, the guys walked in the house like they owned it, which isn't usually going to be a problem. It wasn't until they told me they didn't have the washer and still continued to go through things in our laundry room that I started to get annoyed. This truly keeps getting more and more insane, I repeat, all we want is the washer installed, and now we literally have this guy going through our laundry and laughing about our clothes and giving us the third degree. I'm being 100% honest when I say they walked in like cops, not even cops like a mob boss and we had stolen his goods. This is all on camera. And still, I  unnecessarily but politely explained the situation to the guy but he kept cutting me off even turning the washer on, something we did not want to do since it was probably a perfectly fine washer that still looked great. However, we paid for a new one, we don't know what damage was done by having a piece of foam and manual and are unsure of what else was put into the machine after it was originally unboxed and why it was returned in the first place. Every time we've been fine with unboxed parts, they've had damage, hence why they were returned in the first place. We paid $800 for a tiny little washer, we want it to be new and know that nothing was done to it or if it had previously been broken and also we want it installed correctly, as the original installers skipped about 10 steps and in between it and the washer this entire time was no plastic bumper and they even left the screws to be ground in on the top by the weight. Again this was all documented by your previous installers as well as us and has already been discussed. I don't need to go through it again. 


So anyways, I don't know if that was on purpose but now it will have to be drained when you take it. But as I said I started to explain the situation politely and he either cut me off each time or once picked up a piece of our laundry, laughed and threw it to the back while making it clear he was ignoring me, This laundry was not in their way at all, it was atop of the other washer there was no reason for him to touch it, That's where I started to get mad. Then he starts to argue with me about things being stuck inside of it, dude his own company took it out and took photos. He's telling me that's normal And they're maddoging me on top of it. So finally I ask why are you guys still here, do you work for best buy are you geek squad because weve already had this conversation ect. And then he even started acting like he had some authority and arguing that. And then I said if you're not installing anything just leave. And still they stuck around, one got on the phone and said I need to call this in and kept on kicking it and going through things, I think he was trying to take pictures too, which is hilarious because that's all their company has done, they're the ones who took pictures of the damage of our wood flooring, and opened up the claim, and then keep calling us about submitting the claim, and we keep telling them we can't even see the flooring until they actually move and replace the washer. I'm sure this is all related to today's new episode and we asked for none of this.


Finally one of them just acts like he's ignoring while on the phone and starts walking to the rest of our house and the other guy just stays in the laundry room. I finally have to raise my voice and tell them to leave now. And still, they sat outside of our house for 5-10 minutes, outside their truck one on the phone and one maddogging me. Truly maddoging me, It wasn't until I said I was calling you guys and got on the phone that they left. 



This has gone next level guys. I will make sure that eventually, someone at the company will hear about this. Even for your own benefit, a) we have friends who swear that they, the installers, run a business out the back of their truck selling your guys new units, I dont know whats going on but this might be true. They forsure tried and did take a bunch of the accessories and tools we paid $150 for. We didnt even get manuals once and the hose was just reused from our last job. We saw them stacking them up in the back last time so the next time i asked for them but was only able to get a few extra hoses that they didnt have time to put out of sight. We've since watched the unboxing and install videos and though you guys charged us for $!50 third party parts, the washer includes all of them. But we've never gotten any of them. One time they took the manuals too. And I'm sure this is why they unbox outside. 



b) Were tech members so were getting receipts for $0 but I assume they're charging you guys every time. This includes leaving because the gate was closed w/o getting in contact w us, them saying the washer is uninstallable, them saying they can install because of negligence from the previous installer and a claim would need to be opened, that one they liked a lot even once we opened the claim we had to fight with them to do anything, One time they wreaked of weed, which i have no problem with if you get the job done but this is one of the times they found a excuse not to install.


They've always been polite though, until today, but they do act as if they are held to no accountability. Literally, the first guy who installed, installed them backward even after we told him no to, which i assume he still did so he could use our old washer hoses which were on the wrong side and would not reach, so that he could take the new ones. The second guy, and I'm assuming the first guy too,  just took the washer out of the box plugged the hose and stacked them on top of each other, no pads underneath which is why the floor is damaged. And none of the the like 20 steps in between that, that we've learned are very important. There were steps which took 2 seconds they didnt do. They got tipped $80, we have spent I think $160 on tips as well. It's not due to how we are treating them aside from probably being too nice. But they clearly just know nothing will happen to them. Except for a pair we've gotten twice who seemed appalled by all of this and sounded experienced and actual contractors. 


We obviously once again will set up the next appointment, but I will really be looking into a chargeback, we've said that again and again and you guys just haven't taken it seriously.

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Re: Poor delivery and installation, question about redelivery

Hello and thanks for reaching out on our Forums, cduke!


I certainly understand the frustration you have had with this as getting a new appliance should be an easy stress-free experience and this certainly has not been the case.


We have sent you a follow up in the private message you sent us so we can look into this further.



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