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Please help

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To anyone that can please help me:

On January 18th I came with my family
To Best Buy in the Holyoke, Massachusetts store to buy a tv. After being assisted my by a “Sony tv specialist” I was able to purchase a tv, sound bar, and tech package totaling a bit over 3,000 dollars.

When we were checking out, I advised the sales agent that for the installation, we would need to ensure the right length of HDMI cables as our previous tv has wiring behind the wall. He ensured me that with two boxes of 4 foot cables we should be fine, and if it’s not long enough, the Geek squad would have cables with them and that he would notate the account. This is where the positive experience ended.

The installation could not be done until January 25th. Fine. January 25th arrives and I had suspected, the installation guys were surprised by our layout (even though I had even showed pictures of the home
To the sales agent) and they indicated that there was no notation made regarding cables or anything. Furthermore, they did not care the length of cables we would need. (24 foot cables)

I called the store per their instruction and spoke to the first of many supervisors , Glenn. Glenn indicated that the sales agent, should not have sold me those cables and that he should have offered me a site visit. (Which he didn’t). Glenn advised me that he would call me back by the end of the day, and that he would attempt to get the geek squad to sneak my installation in (off the books) so that I wouldn’t have to wait. He also said he would offer to cover the costs of the cables for the inconvenience. (The call was on speakerphone and the installation guys heard this and also spoke with Glen )

Guess what? Glenn never called me. I drove to the store, and asked for Glenn, and he had left for the day. I spoke to the supervisor of home and appliances. He called Glenn. Glenn told him that he needed to wait until Monday. I expressed my frustration and this manager said he would Let me know on Monday what they could do. He seemed legitimate.

Guess what happened next? This manager never called me either. So I called Monday night again, spoke to a rep, who “forwarded my information to another supervisor” since both managers I have spoken to previously were gone. I asked for a call by noon, today January 29th, at least with an update.

Guess what happened? No call. So I call again. Glenn isn’t in, the other supervisor is on A delivery . So I finally get connected to Warren. Warren tells me he needs to look into it and get back to me. He actually calls me back! What he tells me is that the earliest they can do the installation is February 8th. I find this to be ridiculous. He also said they can only do 50% of the cables, which is not what the previous manager promised.

I advised him of what Glenn told me, that he was going to reschedule my appointment ASAP because this was not my fault. Currently , he is looking into it and will call me back(fingers crossed)

If the installation is not done earlier, I will return the tv and the sound bar and everything else, and will NEVER return to Best Buy again. I will just shop on amazon like everyone else. I will also make sure that everyone i know is aware of this terrible experience. I have had bad customer service experiences before, but this one takes the gold medal in lack of follow up, respect for the customer, and genuine concern.

I am reaching out in desperation for someone to please help me get this resolved.


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Re: Please help

Hello Pedroosorio,


Buying a new TV should be a great experience, and it sounds like there is definitely room for improvement in what you describe. I know I would be quite upset if I was told I should receive a call which didn’t happen especially after having confusion about your initial installation. Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention so we can have the opportunity to look into it.


So I can do that, can you please send me some additional details for verification purposes? I’ll need the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number

To keep those details secure, please use the “private message” button from my signature below. I look forward to hearing back.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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