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Permanently Postponed Delivery and Horrendous Customer Service

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Order# {removed per forum guidelines} was supposed to be delivered on 08/06. Later it was rescheduled to 08/28.

I got a call today at 4:04 PM EST from +{removed per forum guidelines}advising that order needs to be rescheduled again to 09/15. Alternatively I can go an pick up directly from warehouse in Durham North Carolina. The agent on phone cofirmed that the item is in stock at the warehouse (but why it's not with the delivery team is a mystery to her as well)


I didn't remember the address during the call (I remember the street address as T W Alexander Drive, Durham NC)


At 5 PM,  I connected with Online chat support team to get the address. First connected with Agent Nico S who then transferred me to Agent Zoe. Zoe asked me to visit BestBuy Store in Raleigh at 6280 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27616, confirming order is ready for pick up. I was told the store has been informed, I even asked if the store reps would help me to put it in the car, which Zoe promptly confirmed.

I asked for an email to be sent to me confirming this. Email didn't come even in next hour, so I called up the store at 919-874-2039 at 5:55 PM. After waiting a bit, I selected call back option which came back at 6:11 PM. Agent Jody on the line told the product in my order is not in stock in entire area. 

I was fed up by now, asked to be connected to escalation contact for which I was put on hold for another 30-40 minutes.

While waiting during this time, I again connected with online chat, where Agent Alvin K told about his/ her seniority in company adn promised action will be taken against Zoe (who had asked me to drive 25 miles and pick my order).

The escalation contact on phone was Julio {removed per forum guidelines} (the only reasonable person in entire interaction) told it's highly unusual that customer is asked to visit a warehouse but he would check if product is in stock. It wasn't.


I am exasperated, I will obviously cancel the order though not sure how the account will be settled as I paid through Best Buy credit card (applied while placing this order) and I have already paid my bill on it. Also, they had processed a credit of $250 for first delay, which surprisingly doesn't appear on my credit card even after a month.


Even keeping that aside, I don't know if the entire Best Buy Support team ganged up to harass a customer by blatantly lying, giving him totally contradictory information in matter of minutes.


All in all an atrocious treatment, well done Best Buy!



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Re: Permanently Postponed Delivery and Horrendous Customer Service

Admin: Is there a point posting a complaint/ escalation here? The online chat and phone support does seem inept to handle escalations.