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Pending solution for wrong TV mount Installation

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Hello as a valued customer well over 20 years this particular location (Fort Worth Best Buy in Alliance-Keller location) has been the worse experience. That week I was helped and scheduled to have a 85in television installed with a mount. In another room a tv was also being installed. The Sanus 40-84inch was what was originally selected for this installation. Upon departure of the geek squad they were helpful unsure of the names but we never received the WiFi carrier information from them setting up the Tv. That's when asked does everything look good and the crew were informed the television was leaning. The geek staff made about 3 adjustments and realized the mount really was not the right size and recommended going back to the store to get the correct mount for the tv which is a 40-90 Sanus full motion. 


On 12/20 was the installation day so I went back into the store to wait in line for about an hour around 2pm then had to wait about 20-30 minutes to get acknowledged. Finally the situation was explained and we were greeted by the supervisor of the home theater department which is Jeremiah. He was short in his delivery and communication as the problem was explained and basically he kept saying there was nothing that he could do. Continued with nothing he could do for the fact the order was completed on that day but still registered as a job. Another gentleman was present in all black he never acknowledged us as helolked in the database and when asked to speak to the manager Jeremiah stated he was and what he could do was call 12/21 with all the information that he allegedly took from the account and that he would call by noon. He was asked several times is there something meaning the correct mount that needed to be purchased before leaving he stated no of you don't get a call then call me. Several calls were made to try and find the technicians that made the install to try and find out where the WiFi password paperwork was placed and never could get anyone nor at the store either so next day happens.  

Then Monday phone calls were made again to the actual store location never could get anyone so the phone rolled over to another store manager of David he tried to get home theater manager Jeremiah and never answered then was told an email would be sent to have him call. He called eventually that day of course could not remember us as customers but keep in mind all helping representatives were supposed to have notes in the system he continued to deny and not remember us ever coming in the store 12/20 which times were given nothing so he informed okay so let me place you on the schedule for after noon at 12 for this to be fixed. Today 12/4 around 2 pm the automated system calls and cancels the appointment never tells what day or anything then call to try and reach the store never could and never can I speak to representative Cindy she reviews the systems stated have to wait 24 or 48 hours to get a call from supervisor regarding this she was helpful as I know it's not her fault she offered a gift card and tried contacting the store. As she was informed Jeremiah stared geek squad would come out on 12/7/20 but obviously that was not true the order when reflecting back on emails from 12/2/20 order {removed per forum guidelines} would only show her that it had to be rescheduled nothing about Monday and even though on my end I was under the impression 12/7/20 was my day to get this resolved not its the 12/15 in which I had to call to reschedule in which I never called to cancel anything and was basically told two different dates so this entire issue has been a major inconvenience lack of accountability on the Keller Fort Worth location and those involved that hung up on me several times as I have tried to get this resolved ever since the initial installation date of 11/26/20. So a small fix that the products were selected and chosen has not really been made a priority. I also drove around the metroplex when told 11/27 that the product was out of order had to drive to several Best Buy's to find the correct mount size for the 85in Sanus mount that I was willing to purchase on the 11/26 but told that the correct mount would be found and made to believe from Jeremiah that he was genuinely going to help by calling the next day avoiding me having to come to the store and would get this scheduled ASAP which kind of still has not happened nothing early has happened and with a database that can cancel appointments on its own is misleading since I the customer again never called to cancel so things seemed to be prolonged and the existing appointment also could be canceled again then I am in the same predicament.

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Re: Pending solution for wrong TV mount Installation

Hello, Classic58!


Thanks for joining our community here on the Best Buy Forums. It sounds like you have made some really exciting purchases lately, and I am sorry to hear that your TV was not able to be installed when originally anticipated. I am happy to learn more about this situation! To start, pleas send a private message that includes your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it). You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button beneath my signature. 



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