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Partial refund for a tv mounting service.

First, I want to make it clear that calling 1888 Best Buy got this issue resolved in about 10 minutes.

However, I feel it is *extremely* important to point out the service we experienced in store 141 today.

We called Geek Squad at the behest of another store to get a tv mounting service performed. shows prices for basic, premium and other services. We wanted a basic mounting service though we did ask about running cables in the walls. The phone agent explained we would need the premium install and the in-wall kit. Okay. Done. Ordered. Paid. Scheduled.

Install date comes, two in-home agents show up, let us know there’s a fire block in the way of running the in wall, explain they’d either have to tear open a huge hole or we would have to get a contractor in, we decline, no big deal. The agents finish the mounting, the main agent PLUGS THE TELEVISION INTO THE WALL FOR POWER. (This is emphasized in caps for later recall.) He explains it was to make sure there was no damage to the tv during them removing the legs or putting it on the wall. Makes perfect sense. Right? Keep reading!

The agent does not connect devices, he does not program a remote, which is *INCLUDED* WITH A BASIC MOUNTING SERVICE (again emphasized for later) nor does he perform any other service except to offer to get rid of the mounting hardware box and trash items. We accept.

The agent explains that since the in-wall cable run could NOT be performed, we could return the kit ($80) and get the difference ($70) back from the basic/premium install difference. Awesome.

Fast forward to today when we decide to go into 141 to get the difference refunded.

Customer service looks up the info then spends the next 11 minutes (only timed because I got a phone call right as we got to the counter while my friend spoke to her) to track down a manager.

Once the manager arrives, the fun begins.

Right out of the gate, she was dismissive. Like we’d spent the afternoon ruining her cornflakes and she was already done. She asks us in the iciest tone she can muster “what the problem is?” Well, for starters: nothing. Customer service said they needed a manager override for the return. My friend explains the situation again and here is where it goes sideways.

She lies to our faces. Doesn’t skip a beat. Doesn’t think about the reply. Flat out “the $199 SKU is the only TV mounting SKU Best Buy sells. We do not have a $129 mounting service.” To which we ask “when did that change” and she can’t answer. “I’ve been the supervisor of home theater for 7 months and it’s *always* been that way.” (During this time I am on looking up the service she said best buy doesn’t sell.)

We further explain what Geek Squad on the phone and I’m our house said about getting the difference back.

She asks what the agent in the home did and we tell her “mounted the tv and plugged it into power” and she cuts us off and says “well, that’s part of your premium service” to which I reply “you’re telling me that you are trying to charge us $70 because he plugged the damned tv into the wall?!”

She says yes and I ask for another manager. To be fair, I was already over the whole interaction at this point so I got louder than was.....polite.

She then tells me that I can stop yelling (which I laughed at because let’s be honest, unless people in the back of the store think there’s a riot, I’m not “yelling”) or she will stop talking to us and walk away.

I offer up an apology and here’s where MORE fun starts: she starts speaking to us slowly and loudly as if we’re children who don’t quite understand English yet. Emphasis on every word. Once she is done, she explains to us no less than FOUR times that we didn’t pay for the audio to be hooked up and that was an extra charge. Weird, we didn’t even ask about that.

This is where I show her on my phone and what a basic mounting service covers and (here it comes again) she explains it’s now a premium service because he plugged the TVs power cord in!

Remember the emphasis above? REMOTE PROGRAMMING IS INCLUDED WITH THE BASIC SERVICE. HOW DOES ONE PROGRAM AND TEST A REMOTE WITH THE TV OFF AND UNPLUGGED? You don’t. She was full of crap and she knew it. She doubled down, explained that anything other than slapping the mount and tv on the wall was a premium service (with staring her in the face.)

She offered her card, a print out of the terms and conditions and to speak to the installing agent to clarify but shortly after ended the interaction with a smug smile on her face.

In closing, ending or the finale of my rant: 141 dropped the ball hard today, home theater supervisor *not naming her publicly* was a jackass and it just put a sour end on the whole interaction with Best Buy.

If this is what we had to go through, with the info IN MY HAND, I can only imagine what that person is pulling on people who don’t know any better.
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Re: Partial refund for a tv mounting service.

Good afternoon, lthXero,


Welcome back to our forums, and thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.  While I’m glad our phone support teams at (888) BESTBUY or (888) 237-8289 were able to resolve this matter for you, it’s disheartening to hear you had to go through so much with our Modesto, CA store before reaching the resolution you were looking for.


Any feedback we receive here at Best Buy is taken very seriously, so I’m glad you took the time to call our attention to this particular experience.  Please know I’ll be documenting your feedback here at our Corporate Headquarters, as well as forwarding your post to the appropriate leadership at our Modesto, CA store, so they might address any coaching or training opportunities that may present themselves. 


Thank you again for your feedback, and if you ever have any other issues with your Best Buy purchases in the future, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Forums again.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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