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******* . Pacific Sales / Best Buy Appliance Delivery ********** AVOID *********


Back in Sept 19, 2019 — I ordered a new Samsung Dryer through best buy.  The delivery service refused to install a new Samsung my seperately purchased Samsung pedestal. Instead they took the new dryer away and the Bestbuy delivery dumped my old dryer on my driveaway and imprisioned me from able to leave (I could not back my car out).


This year I purchased a new home in 2021.  Last week (Apri 2021), I purchased a new pair of Samsung Washer and Dryers.  I trusted that Bestbuy would not repeat the events I personally and horribily experienced in 2019.


Again Bestbuy would screwed me over on this delivery again and never bothered to check if they were at the right address.  I wasted my entire Saturday morning waiting.    I’m very upset that I trusted the Pacific Sales rep that the experience was improved from before.


I would have expected a full apology for the mistake both times on Best Buy part.


I would have expected Best Buy to bend over backwards to make this delivery happen as soon as possible -- not make me wait 4 more days til Thursday.


I returned these appliances this time because I was fooled again and frustrated that my purchases and treatment as a customer doesn’t matter to Bestbuy.


Best buy is a joke, there is no accountability for their behavior but only for us consumers to punish them financially by stop buying their sales / products.   I

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Re: ******* . Pacific Sales / Best Buy Appliance Delivery ********** AVOID *********

Hi there, variable229!


Thanks for connecting with us. Since you and I already have a conversation going via private message, let's continue there. I have received your response and will be replying back to you shortly!



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