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I recently purchased a Bosch 300 stackable washer & dryer set which was a pretty expensive set. The in home representative Joshua {removed per forum guidelines} that I made an appointment to go into the Sherman TX location told me that I would need to additionally purchase the dryer cord and the washer hoses. This was an additional $65. Turns out when the washer/dryer set arrives at my house Bosch includes the dryer plug and the washer hoses. Why is it that Best Buy is charging customers an addtional $65 for plug and hoses they do not need. This washer/dryer set is rated very high as I did my research now I have paid an addtional $65 for some plug/hose that was probalby made in China while the installers took the Bosch plug/hoses that it actually came with that I paid for. 

If I paid for this set how does Best Buy have the right to take the plugs and hoses that where included that I paid for. Also how do they have the right to charge me for an additional set of hoses/plug when I didnt need them in the first place.

I was told after I went back to ask why they do this that in order to do the installation I have to buy the hoses. 

So in essence you are holding your customers hostage by making them pay for something they dont need in order to do the installation.

Now I no longer have the plug/hoses I paid for that came from Bosch, I am also out $65. This set is rated so high that at this point I want to know what gives you the right to take my Bosch hoses and plugs that I paid for.

You need to not only educate your sales people to stop over charging people but you need to stop taking plugs/hoses that do not belong to Best Buy!!!

Never ever will I buy a thing from Best Buy you are doing shady business that needs to be fixed. 

The in home sales rep Joshua {removed per forum guidelines} has no clue what he is selling down to the manager Josh at Sherman location that refused to get on the phone and speak with me! horrible customer service

So what did you do with my hoses and plug that belong to me?? You serioulsly need to stop ripping people off!!