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Order experience

I am writing about a recent order experience. I recently bought an LG slide in range from the Boardman, Ohio store. The range was purchased on Wednesday, December 12. I was in the store purchasing several items and was helped by someone in computers. That sales person said they could help me with all my needs. I therefore purchased all of my electronics and appliances through him. I scheduled delivery for my range for Monday 12/17. Unfortunately the range did not arrive on that day. I called the store and was informed that the order was put into the computer incorrectly therefore canceling the delivery. The case was turned over to escalation. I was called by a representative later that evening. The experience was very unprofessional. The representative pondered how she did not understand how something like this could’ve happened for at least 5 minutes of the conversation and implied that I was lying about my delivery date since it was not in the computer. She stated she would turn it over to the district manager and get back to me. The next day I was contacted by the appliance customer service representative from the Boardman Ohio store. He stated the order was placed in the computer incorrectly and he would not be able to get it delivered until Saturday 12/22. I fortunately needed it prior to that. He stated he would work on it and get back to me. The next day I was never contacted. I therefore called the store again and spoke to a different representative in appliances. They were also confused about the situation. They stated they would have the delivery manager contact me. I was called the next morning and informed that they would try to get it delivered on Friday. I was told I would be called later that day with an update. Again I was never called. I therefore again called the store. I was told there was nothing that could be done for me and the range would have to be delivered on Saturday. No resolution was offered. I felt the whole situation was handled very unprofessionally and I was given an attitude multiple times. The Customer service that I received was absolutely terrible. I spend thousands of dollars yearly at Best Buy. It’s tracked on my profile....feel free to check it. Furthermore, I spent $3700 that day. I find this experience unacceptable. The store needs to learn to appreciate its customers. At least offer an apology and something to right the situation. I will gladly take my business elsewhere to a company that appreciates it’s customers. I’m done with Best Buy.