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Online order frustration

I ordered a TV online which was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I received numerous emails stating the delivery would be made between 7 AM and 11 AM. I made arrangements to be home to accept the delivery during this time. During the time the TV was to be delivered, I received a call stating that they (BB) can't find the TV and that it would not be delivered. 


So, just like in January when I ordered a microwave and the same thing happened, I tried to cancel the order. I now want to purchase the TV elsewhere. Unlike baseball, that's two strikes and BB is out. I feel that breaking promises to deliver is a dishonest and misleading business practice. Just reading these forums, it is apparent that this is not a one off and occurs on a regular basis.


Now I am being held hostage, after trying to cancel my order via online and with customer service, I am being told my order is "ON HOLD". No one at BB can tell me who put it on hold or how to cancel the hold. No one at BB can cancel my order or even reschedule a delivery. Not sure what my next step should be, perhaps dispute the credit card charge with my credit card company for being charged for an item that was not delivered. Any suggestions of the next course of action is welcomed.


If you are thinking about ordering online with BB, I suggest you do a search in these forums. just search "online order". If you are flexible with the delivery date, then maybe its OK. However, if you need a delivery right away, I would avoid BB due to their dishonest practice of promising a delivery on a specific date and then notifying you on the day before or on the day of delivery (in my case) that can't honor their promise. After you recieve that call, it's no telling when you will receive your order. You are at their mercy.

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Re: Online order frustration

After countless telephone calls to with no results, I went to a local BB and all is solved. My personal take from this is I will never rely on BB delivery service again and deal locally when able. Best of luck to all that order online any item that uses their (contracted or otherwise) delivery service.

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Re: Online order frustration

Hey there, menglebert,


Thank you for taking the time to write in about your experience. I’m truly sorry to hear that your TV wasn’t available for delivery on the originally expected day and that this has happened to you previously with an appliance order. I certainly understand being upset about having this experience a second time and understand why you would want to cancel.


Generally speaking, if a delivery order is scheduled for a delivery today (for example), the system should place the order in what we would call a non-modifiable status such as “in transit”. If an order is in such a status and delivery cannot be completed for some reason, it can take some time for that status to update and become modifiable again. In most cases, an order should go back to a modifiable status by late the next morning, depending on a few factors.


All that being said, I’m glad to hear that the store was able to work with you on this so that your order could be cancelled per your desire. Thank you for your feedback about that process as we care deeply about our customers and are constantly striving to improve our services.  Please know that if you change your mind about coming back, we will be here to help.


Thank you,

Kayla|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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