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Online Ordering and Delivery Provess is BROKEN

I ordered a gas range online on 27 March 2019. Website allowed me to purchase the item, installation kit and installation service and schedule a delivery date for three days later. System generated a text message confirming that the delivery would occur between 2:30 and 4:30 on 29 March 2019. At approximately 5:00 on the delivery date, I called Best Buy and eventually spoke to someone in deliveries. They reached out to the delivery team and guess what? No delivery was going to happen...the stove wouldn’t be available until the middle of April! Your web ordering process is a joke and your customer service is helpless. I have a tenant due to take possession in the beginning of April so I took my business to Home Depot. Now you’re making the cancelling of your phantom order a nightmare... I’ll keep Best Buy in mind in case my children need some stupid nonsense like earbuds or a glow box to stare into. For grown up matters I’ll go ahead and deal with folks that know what they are doing.