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On going issue with damaged delivery

I purchased oven, dishwasher, and a frig.  The oven and dishwasher were delivery on 9/29.  The dishwasher was damaged and the delivery team took it back and said there was nothing they could do to get it redelivered.  I called the Geek Squad and talked to someone on 9/29 they said there was nothing they could do the delivery wasnt completed yet.  I was told to call back in 24 hours.  I called back in 24 hours and the person said they could fix the issues but it would take 24 hours.  I called back again the next day and heard the same thing call back in 24 hours.  This was on friday, so I waited until Monday 10/4.  Today was the most fustrating I had to call 6 times to get someone that could help.  I was disconnected 5 times.  Twices was when I was trying to esclasted to a supervisor for help.  On the 6th try today I was able to get someone that tried to help.  But I don't think they did it right.  Its setup as a return, but I don't have a dishwasher to return.  The dishwasher was taken back to Bestbuy, because it was damaged.  So I tried calling the store near me and was routed to the call center.  I called the BestBuy headquartes and again was routed to the call center.  I'm so fustrated I have already invested 7 hours into this problem.  This should have been something BestBuy fixed from the point it could not be installed.  I should not have to call 9 times to get the issue resolved. 

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Re: On going issue with damaged delivery

Why is no one responding to my post?  Your customer service is the worst.  I've been an Elite + member for several years.  I would expect better customer service!

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Re: On going issue with damaged delivery

Unless I've missed something your first post was made 6 hours ago.  This forum is not intended for immediate support, you will receive a response once the moderators reach your post in their queue.  The moderators appreciate your patience as they assist the customers ahead of you.

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Re: On going issue with damaged delivery

Hello, see0566,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our community forums and writing to us about your order. I appreciate your patience while we work to respond to our message. We respond to messages and posts in the order they were received, you can always give us a call at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289 for more immediate service.


Have you been able to get help since making this post? If not, please let me know. I would be more than happy to review your order information to see what options I have available to help you get this scheduled. I'll keep an eye out for your response!



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