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Nothing Delivered and Horrible Customer Service

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I bought 2 televisions, a mount and haul away of the old TV on 1/1/19. Arranged for delivery on 1/7/19 between 7am and 1pm. When no one showed up for the delivery I called the store to find out the issue. I asked to speak with the store manager but they refused. I spoke with an associate who could give me no information. I then asked again to speak with a manager and was given to Tonia. After words with her she hung up in my face. I then tried once again to get the store manager but could not. So then I tried the 888 number and spoke to a Victor, he was a very nice employee. He relayed that delivery should have come and delivered a mount and taken away the old TV. He advised me that they did not have the TV in stock so there was no way they could deliver it. He said they had rescheduled the delivery til 1/10/19 between 7am and 1pm. He tried to transfer me the store but I got hung up on again. I tried calling back again and was hung up on again. So I tried one more time and this time I got Eileen in Mobile support. She worked with me and again told me that I needed to go into the store to get this straightened out. This was all after being on the phone for over 3 hours.

Well, on 1/8/19 I went into the store. I asked for the store manager but they called a manager named Chelsea. I explained everything to her and so she sat down to check what was going on. She said that they were going to make the delivery on 1/10/19 between 7am and 1pm. I let her know that I did not have much faith in what she said. She double checked and assured me that they would make the delivery.

I asked again for the store manager and again was told I had to deal with her. About this time the manager, Tonia, decided she would join the conversation (remember this is the person who hung up on me the day before). The encounter went down hill from there. It got to the point that I asked the manager Chelsea to refund my money. Tonia then told Chelsea not to do anything for me. Now this is when I said something rude to Tonia and said let Chelsea give me my refund. I then said I was not leaving without my refund. They said they were calling the police and said fine because I was already calling them.

The police came and talked to both parties. They told them they needed to give me my refund and that I would then be happy to leave the store. I left the store with the officers

Andrea and Gonzales. Office Andrea made the suggestion that I post what had happened on Social Media and that I write a letter to BestBuy Corporate. This is fulfilling the first part of that of what he suggested.

They must figure it is okay to take my money then to treat people anyway that they want to when they don't live up to what they are supposed to do.

The store manager is Ryan {removed per forum guidelines} and the District Manager is Danielle {removed per forum guidelines}. When I tried to get these names they made me talk to 4 people and then wanted to know why I wanted them.

For shame BestBuy, for shame. I have bought multiple computers and televisions over the years but you have lost a loyal customer.

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Re: Nothing Delivered and Horrible Customer Service

Good afternoon, DebinDurham,


I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us on the Best Buy forum regarding your experiences with TV delivery along with manager interactions in your local store. At this point, using your forum registration information, I do see your contact to our Executive Support team. One of our Executive Support Specialists will be reaching out soon regarding your concerns. Thank you.



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