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Nobody can fix my order

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I already spent 1.5 hours on calls with bestbuy / went to the store and nobody seems to be able to fix my order {removed per forum guidelines}. (Case ID {removed per forum guidelines})

I did the order on 10/15/2020, got a plumber/eletrictician to convert an existing eletric range outlet to gas on my house and my goal was to get bestbuy to delivery the new range as soon as that work was done but bestbuy keeps canceling the delivery, this is becoming a nightmare and I can't cook since now I am without a range (because I converted from 220v to 110v the outlet).


The original delivery date of a dishwasher/range was 10/27/2020 (12 days after the order, seems very reasonable as on the website showed the items was available for delivery in just 4 days), so it would be on Tuesday in the morning. I got everything ready / took a day off work... It got canceled.

Bestbuy re-scheduled to 10/29/2020 on Thursday in the morning. Once again, got everything read / day off work... It got canceled again, this time, the person told me they didn't had the range available in stock. I couldn't believe, how was possible that after 12 days they couldn't get a range that is available 160 miles away from my house delivery in near by my house ?  I spent the day calling customer service trying someone to figure it out when they could delivery - they couldn't do anything because the status of the dishwasher was "in transit".


I went to a bestbuy store on Saturday 10/31/2020 - I asked them, could you break the order in two and delivery the dishwasher/haul away old dishwasher/install new dishwasher and delivery range in another day ? They said, yes.

I waited 10 minutes and they informed everything was fixed - Dishwasher was going to be delivered on Nov 3rd. I went home and looked at the order status - it was a mess. They were trying to haul away the dishwasher on Nov 3rd but the installation it was only going to be on Nov 12. So It would also mean that I was going to be without dishwasher for 11 days... So I had to call customer service again and ask them to fix this / better to wait everything to Nov 12...


Saturday night 10/31/2020 I got a call from bestbuy telling me about my delivery - 15 seconds later the lady said on the phone for me to disregard my call because it was only going to happen on 11/12/2020 and she hang up the phone.


Now the new promise is a delivery on 11/12/2020 (I need to wait 15 days more). The worst part is, the order still looks wrong - the dishwasher is status is saying "We need you to schedule your appointment." - So it seems it won't be delivery on 11/12/2020.  For now, the expectation is that I will be 30 days without a range, even though they have that range in stock 160 miles away from my house and I have no expectation of the dishwasher being delivery. 



The whole point of trusting bestbuy was the delivery and the customer service... I feel hopeless... 


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Re: Nobody can fix my order

Hey there, RodolfoSalgadoNunes!


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. Getting new kitchen appliances should be exciting, and I am sorry to hear that your experience has not gone as smoothly as we strive for. I am happy to look into this further!


To get started, can you please send a private message that includes your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number (if you have it)? You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button directly under my name. 




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