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No show for smart home installation today



I purchased a TotalTech Membership and a new smart thermostat back on May 17th and proceeded to schedule the installation for today (the 19th) with the order online.  Following that, I was sent a checklist of items to complete before delivery could be confirmed - completed that, same day. The following day got an email to schedule delivery for my order. Thought that's weird did this yesterday and confirmed everything and got a bunch of confirmation emails but ok. Went thru it a second time. So installation day comes (today) and I'm given a window of 12-8p. No other communication. I take off from work to be available since that's pretty much killing my entire day. It's now 8:30p and I have no thermostat, no installation and no one from Best Buy has reached out to communicate anything with or to me. For a $200/year membership, you're not selling the value or experience promised very well and it's extremely disrespectful to me and my time as now I'm chatting with support -- I had to go out of my way to hunt someone down and say hey what happened? And they go "oh yeah I could understand how you feel, my feelings would be hurt to?" Really? And then they proceed to say hey we can get this resolved by rescheduling - I scheduled this TWICE. If that doesn't guarantee me an install then y'all need to seriously re-examine your processes, systems and operations to find where the breakdown is. And I'm glad you think I have unlimited time off to find a time that matches up with your schedule. Very unprofessional all the way around.

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Re: No show for smart home installation today

Hello gadgeteer! 


Thanks for connecting with us. Leaving you happy with your experience is very important to us and having trouble with an appointment is less than ideal. 


If you have not had this concern resolved, please private message me using the blue link next to my signature with your full name, email address, phone number, along with the order number and I will be more than happy to look further into your concern. 


Kind regards, 

Mark|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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