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No show appointment delivery!!!

Dear BB, I’m so disappointed in you. I placed an online order for delivery for July 10th from noon to 8pm and you did not come thru. You sent me text reminders and emails and failed to deliver my Samsung fridge that I waited patiently for, for weeks!! Such poor customer service with your delivery dept!!! How can you give us a delivery date and time, tell your customers to be home so someone can sign for delivery, and NOT SHOW UP!!!! I’m so disappointed that you even failed to call me you were not coming. Thinking you might deliver the next day I go check my order status this morning and it tells me I need to reschedule and the next available date is a month from now! Ridiculous! I just got off the phone talking to customer service and no way my shipment can be delivered this weekend so I’m going to just pick it up myself which if I would have known this would happen I could have done so long time ago and picked it up myself and gotten my appliance already!

BB, you disappointed me with this purchase.