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No one cared

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I purchased a TV online on 3/12/21, delivery was scheduled for 3/17. On 3/13/21, I called to add installation and they told me that the delivery date would need to change to 3/19/21, which we said was fine. I got a text and email confirming an appointment for 3/24/21 which we called & was told it was because of the installation & again, said fine. On 3/18/21, got an automated message confirming delivery for the next day - called again and was told by several people it was scheduled for 3/24/21 and to ignore the message. Last night, no message about delivery. We called this morning about delivery, got a call back from an installer stating he was trying to get the TV, but warehouse would not release it. Then all of a sudden, got a text and email confirming delivery for 4/21/21! I called to inquire and after getting the run around, ended up cancelling the entire $1500 order - No one there cared or could explain any of it.


Now ABC Warehouse is going to get my money since I couldn't get any satisfaction from Best Buy.


What a shame!!!


Diane {removed per forum guidelines}