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No delivery, among other issues - long story

I am not quite sure where to start given the failure at so many points, so I will just get right to it.
I visited the Best Buy store in Sarasota, FL, on August 25, 2019, looking to buy 2 TVs and an Apple TV device. An employee named Joshua helped us out and it was an easy process until he rang up the 2 TVs and NOT the Apple TV device, meaning that it could not be rung in on this purchase which qualified for 24 months no interest. First mistake in a series of many, but I shrugged it off and said no big deal. The two TV's were purchased for a total cost of just over $1,000.

At this point we arranged for delivery of the TVs. I was told delivery is not available Sunday (my only day off work) meaning we had to schedule for a day when my girlfriend would take the afternoon of off work to wait for the delivery window. Not convenient, but doable. The delivery was ultimately scheduled for today, Thursday, Sept 5, 2019, between 12 pm and 6 pm. 
Last night (Wednesday, Sept 4, 2019) at 7:44 pm ET I received a call stating the delivery window was narrowed down to 12 pm to 2 pm. This morning I called a Geek Squad representative to give them the gate code for entry and I was told the delivery driver would be arriving with the TVs today in the given time window. 
I left work at 3 pm and called Geek Squad again at 3:16 pm because my girlfriend told me the delivery had not been made. She was very understandably angry given that she had now been waiting around for over 3 hours. That 3 hours could have been time at work making money or that 3 hours could have been used to move things into our new apartment. The Geek Squad representative could not tell my why, but did tell the delivery was not happening today. She advised me to go to the store and speak to the manager. 
Around 4 pm I arrive to the Best Buy location to speak with a manager. After a short wait, Mark comes over to help us. After typing information into the computer and being explained the situation, he cannot truly identify why I had gotten a call about the delivery, or why the representative earlier in the day confirmed the delivery. Let alone the text message link I got (which updates in real time) still actively says my appointment is on for today, when clearly it is not. 
After about 20 minutes with Mark we basically got nowhere except that the TVs will now be delivered Sunday (which I was originally told was not possible). So now not only did my girlfriend miss work, which means not earning money during those hours, but now we have to wait 3 more days for this delivery. And also on my only day off the window for me to wait around is 7 am to 11 am. 
It is unbelievable to me that the 2 TVs I purchased are physically at the store, but they cannot be delivered even given these circumstances, they can only come from some warehouse. The amount of time wasted today (and also missed wages from my girlfriends job) meant nothing to Mark and the fact that we have to wait 3 more days did not matter either. 
I was going to go back to this Best Buy for the Apple TV device and also the wall mount(s) I will be needing, but at this point I will undoubtedly be purchasing them elsewhere given no one cared about our time which was wasted, and no worthwhile apology was offered. I haven't had such a bad, unorganized retail experience in a long time.
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Re: No delivery, among other issues - long story

As if it couldn’t get worse.

My second delivery was also canceled, and I found out well before Mark the manager did, even though I was told he would be noticed via email. Again I went to the store and this time I called a friend to come pick up the TVs for me with his truck.

The amount of incompetence now leads me to believe this part was calculated because of me being upset about the first cancelation.

Once again the store leadership didn’t care. Between the time my girlfriend sat around waiting for delivery and the time spent on the phone and in the store it equaled over $250 in lost work wages. Mark decided a $100 credit and no apology was sufficient.

That was the last time I will go there.
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Re: No delivery, among other issues - long story

Hi there, benglish1989,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums and thank you for taking the time to write in to us! 

We appreciate you choosing Best Buy to get set up with your new home theater products! Getting a new TV is always exciting, especially with all the new features most of them have. We are sad to hear that your delivery was rescheduled, as we know that life can be busy and taking time off from work may not be optimal for everyone. We apologize about any inconvenience this may have caused you, as we never intend for our deliveries to be rescheduled, especially without notice. Typically, notices are sent out to the email provided, so we ask that you keep an eye out on all your email inboxes for any updates for your upcoming deliveries. With that being said, I can certainly understand how this was not optimal. While I am glad to hear that you were ultimately able to pick up those televisions, and that an offer was made, we never intend for any of our members to feel this way.

We certainly hope that you provide us with the opportunity to better service you in the future, as I'm positive that we can! Thank you for sharing feedback about your experience. If I could assist in any other way, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: No delivery, among other issues - long story



Thank you for a response at least; what you said in 1 paragraph is more than I was able to get all together from the store.


Not only did I continually check my email, I had text alerts enabled. Both of these were telling me both deliveries were happening, as well as speaking with two employees who told me the same thing. I only found out BOTH deliveries were not occuring by me making the contact.


The biggest takeaway for me is that no one cares about my time, or that of my girlfriend. We wasted hours waiting around for the first delivery that did not occur, and then I wasted more time when I was told the second delivery was also not happening. No one cared. That is money out of our pockets, which was calculated to be just above $250 since she (and we) missed work to sit around for a delivery that was not coming. All the store manager said was "I hear you."


I used Best Buy for years for multiple purchases, but I am afraid to say given the lack of caring for our time that I will likely be going elsewhere in the future. A $100 credit did not come close to the wasted time away from work, or how two canceled deliveries (without our initial knowledge) affected our move and caused so much unneccessary stress and frustration.