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No call - No show - Reschedule - No delivery again

I purchased TV on 3rd Mar. TV was not delivered on appointment date 14th Mar. However, no one called me about delay. So I called customer service and tried figure out what happened. I was asking like would I not be called by someone explaining about delay and their follow-up procedures if the same thing happen. They did not speak clearly about this. While I was not very happy being without TV at my new home and just watching empty TV stands that I newly bought for the TV supposed to be here well while ago, I did not want to be a bad customer not understanding unavoidable situation. Anyway, they rescheduled the delivery on 24th Mar and I decided to wait. I checked out for delivery status on webpage yesterday and the delivery status was good. Today I re-checked it but I found they changed the delivery status without saying anything to me. The status just changed from "to be delivered 24th Thursday noon-6:00pm" to "you need to schedule your delivery". I just do not understand why it is changed like this again. Has my TV been somehow stolen yesterday so that it can not be delivered on this Thursday? Or was it oversold and keep pushing back the delivery until I give up? Please let me know what happend to my TV and when I can get it. Please.

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Re: No call - No show - Reschedule - No delivery again

Hello, sbjhung, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting on our forum for support with your TV. I can imagine you've been excited to receive this unit, so I hate to learn of the issues you've run into with its delivery. I know I'd be wanting answers as to what's going on with this purchase and why the status has changed again. I'm hoping I can help at this time.


I will be sending you a private message shortly following up on this situation. Please check your inbox for my message, which can be accessed by clicking on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If you’re accessing our site on a mobile device, you may need to switch to “Full” or “Desktop” view before this button is visible to you.


Happy to help,


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