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No appliance delivered, no info for 10 hours

Hello, I am very displeased with my experience regarding an appliance delivery 'no show'.   Here's what I experienced today...


1)  We had a scheduled delivery window of 8AM-12PM.  The installation techs are supposed to contact you 1/2 hour prior to their arrival.

2)  at 11:50AM I contacted the Best Buy store where I purchased my appliance to inform them that I had received no contact from the delivery team.  Was informed that 'my time is valuable, and Best Buy will compensate me for my time if delivery is delayed for an extended time'.  No offer to follow up on my delivery.

3)  Tried the live chat for Geek squad on Best buy's website to try to get info regarding my install.  I was informed to 'wait for a call', from the delivery team

4)  Contacted Best Buy (not the store location) to try to find information about the missing appliance.  After a long wait time, a service rep informed me that I would need to discuss this with the delivery company.  They tried to connect me, then the call was dropped.  Unfortunately hey had not shared the telephone number of the delivery company.

5)  Contacted Best Buy again.  After another long wait time for assistance, I spoke with another customer service rep that shared the telephone number of the delivery team, and I was instructed to follow up with them. 

6)  Contacted the delivery company (Best Buy does not do this for you) and was informed that Best Buy had sent the wrong telephone number (to contact me), and the delivery was attempted at 10 AM, but since they did not have the correct contact info, they did not deliver.  I live in Ohio, and they were contacting someone in Washington!  I gave them my correct contact info, and their rep was going to contact the delivery technician and get back to me on ETA.

7)  After waiting awhile, I contacted the same rep at the delivery company.  He had not heard back from the delivery company.  Still no status.

8)  at 5 PM (nine hours of waiting), I contacted the Best Buy store again.  I informed the sales rep of the situation and asked if my appliance would be delivered today.  Was told that the appliance delivery would be 'escalated', and they do deliver up to 8 PM.

9)  at 6 PM with no status, I contacted the delivery company.  Was informed that I would NOT be receiving delivery today, and I was in fact scheduled for a service call, no dryer delivery was involved at all.  'Please contact Best Buy to re-schedule'.

10)  Called Best Buy store again, and relayed this latest piece of news, which was met with surprise.  Was informed that I would be contacted to re-schedule.  Did not finish conversation with sales rep, since the 'reschedule' call was coming through and I switched to that call.

11) was informed that the earliest I would see the dryer is in one week from today. 

12)  tried to call back the store to inquire about the 'compensation' that was mentioned earlier in the day, but all lines are busy.

Bottom line, I wasted an entire day without one courtesy call to inform me of status...AND I have to wait another week to go through this delivery game again.  No offer of 'compensation' for my wasted time and extended delivery date  Best Buy and the install company are pointing the blame at each other on this one.    

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Re: No appliance delivered, no info for 10 hours

Update:  New delivery was set up for one week from ordiginal delivery.  NOW I just received a call from Best Buy to let me know that my appliance is in fact NOT available for another 3 weeks....and I am supposed to drive back to the store to get new paperwork with this info (because they have not wasted enough of my time yet).  Appalling.  Pretty sure it was never actually available, which seems to be a pattern judging from the comments on this forum.  Best Buy (worst service) pretends to have it in stock to get the sale, then starts playing their games with rescheduled deliveries.  Wish I had read the complaints at the Better Business Bureau prior to ever walking into that store.  

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Re: No appliance delivered, no info for 10 hours

Hello Noappliance,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for the bad experience you had with your recent appliance delivery appointment. I know how frustrating a missed delivery is, and having to make so many phone calls must only make that worse.


It sounds like everything may have been rescheduled by now, but I’d still like to take a look into this for you. At the very least I can document this so that we can use your feedback to help prevent this kind of thing from happening again.


What I’d need from you, in order to do that, is your name, email address, phone number, and order number. Because your privacy is important to us, I’ll ask that you please send these details over to me through a private message rather than posting in this thread. You can do that by using the button in my signature below this post.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: No appliance delivered, no info for 10 hours

I've sent the requested information.  


Incidentally, I received a call today from someone at the store indicating that we may not get our appliance delivered after all on August 4th.  They were checking into it and calling me right back.  That was well over 2 hours ago.  


Paid for appliance:  July 3rd.  

 1st install date:  July 10th.  No show, no call.

 2nd install date:  July 17th.  Then rescheduled again by Best Buy the day after the '4th of July' appliance sales ended at all stores, so I could not buy from a competitor at a similar price.

 3rd install date:  August 4th - more than a month after purchase date. 

 4th install date:  ?

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Re: No appliance delivered, no info for 10 hours

Greetings, Noappliance!


Thank you for taking the time to update us with the latest information on this situation. I have received the private message you’ve sent to my colleague Kyle, and have responded to it for you. you can find it by clicking on the orange envelope icon on the top right of your screen.


Thank you for posting!

Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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