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No Show, No Calls, Cancelled Order

I purchased a fridge and microwave on January 21, 2021. Set an appointment for February 3 (anytime between 12pm - 8pm) delivery. Received MULTIPLE confirmations regarding this appointment from Best Buy. My husband took the day off on February 3rd, removed our old fridge and put it outside for them. We waited, and waited.... no calls. I called 3 times and could never get to a person. The next day I talked to 6 different people; I was told they could deliver it the next day, then I was told they'd have to wait another 3 weeks, then I was told it would be delivered in 2 weeks. They also said the fridge had been loaded on the truck but never made it to my house and was sent back to the warehouse. THEN the last person I spoke to said it was nowhere to be found. They didn't have it. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I cancelled the order and will never trust Best Buy again. This was my first and last time.