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No REFRIGERATOR for 7 days and Best Buy doesn't seem to care

I have had the most horrible customer service experience with Best Buy. I purchased a refrigerator last week for delivery in  4 days. A day before the dleivery at 7pm  Best Buy cancelled the order due to some mix up in the warehouse. At this point, I already made arrangements to have my refrigerator  removed as it was scheduled to arrive the next day. I was understanding of the cancellation as the store indicate dthey would make sure to get the delivery rescheduled as soon as possible.  Best Buy reset my delivery for a WEEEK LATER. Which was totally unacceptable. This is not delivery of a TV or washer/dryer. It is a REFRIGERATOR which is a necessity. I called Corproate and spoke to a variety of people (including a very unhelpful case manager) who could not provide me any answers and totally didnt seem motivated to get the delivery before Friday. i actually called them everday this week. No one proactively called me. Actually everytime I spoke to someone they indicated a supervisor or my case manager would return the call and they didn't. And if they did, they didnt leave a message.  All week I had to make arrangements to get lunch and dinner for my family. 


The rrefrigerator arrives today and it is defective. It doesnt work. My case manager finally calls back (with an attitude) and tells me they can send Geek Squad to fix it. Lady.. I've gone a week without a refrigerator and you want to send someone out to fix a part. 


Hopefully someone from Best Buy is reading this and will actually follow up to help resolve the issue as I am still without a refrigerator for 7 full days.