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Nightmare with Appliance Delivery. And still waiting delivery...Worst Buy not Best Buy

Worst customer service ever experienced where no one knows what happening with the order and gives a different story everytime. Have been on phone with agents since Thursday with no result and no one showing up for delivery. Was given false ticket number over phone which do not exist and was told supervisor will call with no response.

Fridge delivery happens and a wrong fridge is delivered. When asked the person says this is the one. Get a call 2 hrs later that a wrong order was delivered and they come back after 5 hrs to change the fridge. The fridge I got has sticky tape marks all over it and I cannot remove it with soap and water. This is a black stainless steel fridge and no information is available on what product is safe to use to remove the stains.
Yesterday was my dishwasher delivery and gas range installation. I was getting mixed messages since Thu about delivery of dishwasher via email, text and phone and the website said something different. I called Friday morning and was confirmed that order is on it's way. Then I get a text that order is cancelled. I call again and I am told there is confusion but order is happening between 12 and 6. In all this I must have spoken to dozen agents, transferred many times and no one had the full picture. Then I get an email that reschedule my delivery for dishwasher. When I tried online it asked me to call best buy number. I must have spoken to dozens agents again with different stories and each one passing the buck to another one. Finally someone spoke to delivery and said there are missing parts now and they cannot fulfill the order and I need to talk to the store on next steps and they cannot help me. They assured me gas range installation is still happening and someone will come between 12 and 6. I waited till 4 PM and checked on gas installation and someone again confirmed that it is happening. I waited to get a call from store and for gas installation but no one came. I called up store and they said that they will look into the matter and call me up. The store did call for dishwasher and said I can pick up the electrical part from store but delivery will happen only next Tuesday. Imagine my frustration of waiting another 5 days to get the installation for a product I was assured delivery, have paid best buy for. Why cant they expedite and do delivery next day when they have the part now. It is because no one cares about what the customer is going through. All you get is a sorry and that's it. We cannot do anything to deliver earlier, but were you not supposed to deliver it on Friday?
To top it all no one came for gas installation and I called up customer service again to be given a ticket no and saying supervisor will call me. No call came and I had agents hanging up on me for no one knows what the problem is. Then I call again at night and give ticket no and guess what the ticket number was a fake one and no one was going to call. Imagine I stayed home for installation for 6 hrs, waited for call another 3 hrs but no response from best buy. 10 hrs and i call up customer care to hear sorry and that they will reschedule for Tuesday as no earlier delivery option is available. How can you tell a customer delivery is not available when i was supposed to get it the day I am calling.

I see no solution on Tuesday as well as everyone is confused, does not care about customer needs as they have their money. All you get is a sorry about it delivery will happen in 5 days as we don't control the delivery and who cares if you have to take off to sit home duck another day to get the appliances delivery. We will deliver only when we feel like and can cancel at the last moment or decide not to show up.

I have a fridge that is full of sticky marks, waiting for gas installation for another 5 days, no dishwasher for another 5 days and no solutions to my problem. My worst buy every. Time to change the name from BEST BUY to WORST BUY.
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Re: Nightmare with Appliance Delivery. And still waiting delivery...Worst Buy not Best Buy

Hello Gsingh,


I want to turn this experience around for you and see what we can do to fix these issues for you. To move forward with assisting you I would need some information to investigate your situation.

Will you please send me a Private Message with your full name, phone number, and email address so I can looking more into your circumstances to find a resolution? You may send me a private message by logging into the forum and clicking on the blue "Private Message" button included in my signature below.


Thank you for your post!


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Re: Nightmare with Appliance Delivery. And still waiting delivery...Worst Buy not Best Buy

No one at Best Buy reached you back. They are worst customer service in the whole Universe i think.