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Nightmare for car audio installation

awful awful awful.  I have purchase TWO car stereos for installation and I have no idea when I am supposed to be there to get them installed Saturday and Sunday. I have gotten all these reschedules and crazy emails saying the installer had to leave town on an emergency. They say call to reschedule, but no one answers the phone.


Never again.  NEVER NEVER AGAIN.


If you can't get the install done please pay for me to have it done somewhere else.

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Re: Nightmare for car audio installation

Greetings NellWalton-


I'm not entirely sure why there were calls to reschedule, accompanied by emails, unless there were circumstances outside of the ordinary.  Having been an Autotech before this role, I've been placed in a few situations where customers are needed to be rescheduled, and I'm sorry you've found yourself not knowing when your appointment to have them installed will be.  This certainly doesn't sound like the customer service that you deserve and you bet we're capable of installing your stereos!


By now, I'm hoping you've already gotten them installed, but if you haven't please provide me with the stores nearest you so that we can work with the Autotechs to find a time that would be soonest for installation.  Unforseen emergencies can occur at anytime, but right now I'm wanting to make sure you're getting the service you've paid for!  Use the Store Locator, and please choose the stores that you can return to for installation!  


Excited to work with you soon to get you on the road with our Lifetime Labor Warranty, free with installation!  If the installation did take place how was the service you were provided?  Thanks for stopping by to let me know about this, here on the Best Buy forums.  Best Buy can only hope to improve by listening to the valuable feedback of our clients, always feel welcome to share any updates now that you've joined the community!



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